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Everything posted by heineygoat

  1. I've been messing around for hours with drivers and my keyboard/mouse simply will not work without the really bad audio driver installed. SPLAIN DAT?

  2. I've been messing around for hours with drivers and my keyboard/mouse simply will not work without the really bad audio driver installed. SPLAIN DAT?

    1. Bluejay0


      Looks like this is DRIVING you crazy

    2. heineygoat


      HAHHAHAA. lol, yea

  3. Registering for my free products: "If you are audited, and you are unable to supply proof of your selection upon request, you will be liable for the entire retail price of any products you order." Chances of being audited I wonder?
  4. I've been expecting to see something like this for a while. APU, custom motherboard and RAM, how big does a PC really need to be? Add some flash system memory and an external power supply and yeah, you have something about this small.
  5. Tahiti cards? Why showcase new products with old hardware?
  6. He didnt ask for a recommendation on how to waste his money away. He asked about the GPU power needed to run 3 monitors. No, I'm not recommending a 5850, I was making a point, was that not that obvious?
  7. u wot m8? I got 30fps in Bioshock Infinite in Eyefinidy 3x 1080p on a single 5850 medium settings.
  8. For some reason it looks like a case designed for a Steam machine.
  9. Have you tried doing the cha-cha like a sissy girl?
  10. Does Google still develop android? Are Microsoft "scroogleing" themselves?
  11. Look at what they showed at CES 2013... Half of that just went to shit. Remember the "Xi3 Piston Steam Machine". How many of these products from 2013 have you seen on the market in last 12 months.. http://www.engadget.com/tag/ces2013-highlight/?
  12. gsync monitor no rag
  13. That's right my friend. pccasegear are good.
  14. G700s was 149.00? What a rip-off, even for Australian prices. These are just marked up hugely and then "discounted". It's in illegal marketing technique. But thanks for sharing.
  15. Audio-Technicia ATH-ANC29, ATH-ANC70 or ATH-ANC9's. What sort of environment does he work in? Active noise cancellation is only really effective with constant frequencies, great for flight sure but wont really actively cancel out voices and other random ambient noises. Audio-Technicia also do active noise cancelling earphones.
  16. heineygoat


    This may be the third post ive seen.
  17. Recently finished Deadpool on PC. The first few hours were great fun. a decent combination between hack and slack and shooting. The upgrade system was basically futile though, a few annoying bugs. The game doesn't do much to keep you interested. Had to force myself to finish it lol. No quick save and huge gaps between auto saves. I would die and lose 30 mins gameplay. It was infuriating. Worth buying if discounted, not full price.

    1. SKOONJar


      Sounds like something I won't be buying. Thanks for the heads up!

    2. Bleedman0xx


      Doesn't matter. Deadpool is no longer up for sale anywhere anymore.

    3. zeros


      Oh I finished Deadpool too. Except for that auto-save issue I enjoyed it :D. Finished it in a few days (played like an hour and a half on average each day).

  18. I know this doesn't help, but why would you buy two cheap cards and crossfire them? xfire sucks, why not 1 more powerful card?
  19. grab a power supply by its cables and swing that bitch around.
  20. Seiki have had a 4k TV for $700 for months. http://www.seiki.com/products/tv/SE39UY04-detail.php