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  1. From the album: My PC and things

    750d 750 corsair obsidian case
  2. Yeah man.. it was a good choice. I was just saying that the cooler probably has thermal compound pre-applied or comes with it, but you had a tube of thermal compound in your list so I was suggesting that you don't need to buy extra thermal compound. I wasn't saying you should change your cooling option..
  3. Looks good. That cooler should come with pre-applied thermal compound. Black Widow Ultimate is an awesome keyboard. Personally hate the c70 case lol.
  4. Sweet! though the server is realllyy quite atm theres wood and animals and rock everywhere though.
  5. My RUST server net.connect

  6. If you're new to Rust or have considered purchasing but have been turned off by the hackers, bandits and raiders then this may be a good place to start. Currently its a low populated server, there's a whole lot of resources lying around everywhere and it should be quite easy to craft yourself a shelter and sleeping bag and get yourself going. Server has active admins too, me and @joelthezombie15. Door sharing and other mods also. Type in console (f1): net.connect lol make frinds.
  7. Rust with Joelthezambies dead body http://i.imgur.com/UaZwxPN.jpg

    1. Kuzma
    2. Puppet


      Slightly less penis than I was expecting.

    3. bradscoolio


      Knew he was a Muppet!

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  8. No not really IMO. 5 minute vid in Sony Vegas used 12gb.
  9. PC has VR now, and it will be out of Beta stages before the end of next year I'm sure. Bad luck for console gamers who have to wait another 10 years
  10. I would be absolutely astound if it made any more than 2 degrees difference.
  11. I can run Bioshock Infinite on two 5850's in Eyefinity (thats 3/4 the resolution of 4k) medium settings, 60fps. And i have the benchmarks to prove it. How the shit do you figure that it would take 3x 780ti 6gb to push 4k, an extra 1/4 of that res?
  12. I fixed it! The problem was resolved after a reboot of both PC's. I'm not sure if it was the reboot that fixed it though, it may have very well been one of the hundreds of other settings that I changed, that then applied after the reboot.
  13. So, previously I would just be able to right click on a drive, share with everyone and then jump on another PC on the same network and map a network drive by entering the address (in this case \\DeskopPC\d) and have no problems. But I just can't get it to work this time. I'm trying to share my desktop hard drive with my HTPC and I've had it configured before. I've read and tried everything and fiddled with every setting. Notice in this picture, the drive is shared with everyone and full control is permited (Windows 8.1) Here are my settings on the desktop pc:
  14. Is what I was going to say. Spend more money on your GPU.
  15. If you can still pick up Ivy-Bridge parts then get them for cheaper. i5 3570 and any 1155 mobo would be fine and probably near that price range.
  16. Took a broken Phenom x6 1090t to the shops with me today and left it in the coin dispenser of the self serve machine so that someone will come across it and be like wtf is this?

    1. BCMods


      hahah, nice

    2. D3MON


      bought a 960t for £96 hoping id end up with a cheap hex core, didnt unlock, now im stuck with an expensive quad core (that overclocks like hell) that I have no use for, sympathy required<would love (even a dead) phenom x6

    3. GPUXPert


      How'd it break ?