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Everything posted by heineygoat

  1. Oh yeah, who needs a desktop when you can spend 998 euros on a usb drive?
  2. I got a new full time job! It involves harvesting rock and wood to create big houses to store more rock and wood. I don't get paid for it and sometimes bandits kill me and take my rock and wood. Its called RUST

    1. TechTheWorld


      Hope for humanity: 0%.

    2. joelthezombie15


      Seriously, he plays for like 5+ hours at a time. Its crazy.

    3. SirReallySam
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  3. Lol thats illegal in Australia.
  4. Looks like they have mostly improved efficiency instead of performance with the same 22nm.
  5. Fractal Silent Pro, Bitfenix Spectre / Spectre Pro Phanteks Bequite
  6. IKR. I feel like its comparable to someone making affordable, extremely powerful quantum computing chip, only capable of running Windows Vista.
  7. Top down is a shame. Imagine this in FPS.
    1. IdeaStormer


      Who took adderall off the list? Thought that was what the kids were doing these days?

    2. IdeaStormer


      Or is this coffee snorting the poor mans version?

    3. SirReallySam
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  8. lol, that reminds me, I should add quotation marks so that no one actually thinks Im impersonating him.
  9. The listing was for a $399.99 Tj11, then underneath was advertise a Tj11 with thermal compound for $587. It was a joke, calm your tits mate.
  10. And for an extra $187.49 you can get thermal paste too.
  11. I would check windows error log and try the card in a different pc.
  12. A 50% cut of his own wage can help the damage of a 30% loss in profit for the entire company? How big was his wage in the first place? edit Oh and 20-30% of all executives, that's quite significant.
  13. You're going to have to try a new PSU. If you don't know how to do that then take it to someone who does.
  14. Yeah, you don't want to vaccum your pc.