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  1. - Dont move and shoot.

    - Learn the rifles.

    - Don't be afraid to die, be the one who gets an entry frag and takes the site.


    There's heaps of good stuff on r/csgo. 

    Also WarOwl on youtube is good.

    Just play enough hours and you will develop a game sense. Community made infinite deathmatch servers and 1v1 to develop your aim.


    Crouching is not ideal in most cases.



    Always stay positive. If you get angry at yourself or your teammates you will play bad. 

    Don't get angry at your silly mistakes, just try to learn from them.


    LEM here.

  2. By what logic to people have a "right" to demand a refund? You paid for it, deal with it like the rest of the world (to my knowledge). If I could get a refund on dayz standalone and watch dogs I would, but I can't so I just delete both and go on with my life.

    Promised features of a game that are missing, right to a refund.

    Game doesn't launch because of incompatibility that wasn't clarified before purchase, right to a refund.

    Game is buggy and unplayable, right to a refund. 


    Seems completely fair to me. 

  3. I have a rather similar story of also changing camps. But I changed from NVidia to AMD.

    I finally got tired of their crappy software when NVidia broke the drivers for GTX460 for like 2 months. Random bluescreens all over the place.

    Not that I liked NVidia software before that either. Half the time the drivers just failed to update. The control panel for the drivers is also horrible.

    Sometimes my screen would just go black after changing resolution when closing a game forcing me to reboot, doesn't happen with AMD.

    Oh interesting. 460's are quiet old now though. I had problems with 7970's when it was their flagship at the time. Still Nvidia should have proper support for older cards too.

  4. I'm more surprised about the Nvidia vs. AMD vitriol. Yes, currently (and for a while now actually) Intel dominates the performance charts and the prices of Intel and AMD products reflect that - no arguments.


    But when it comes to video cards, I'm baffled because I genuinely don't remember a point in time (and I've been building computers since the ATI Radeon 9200SE - so about 2003?)  that Nvidia wiped the floor with AMD (or ATI when they were still ATI) the way Intel is doing right now. In fact, right now AMD is doing very well in the video card department - the 290 and 290X better than the 780/780Ti at a similar price-point to the 770.


    So yeah I don't really know where the "Nvidia completely destroys AMD" meme comes from because in my lifetime I have not seen Nvidia destroy AMD (or ATI). 


    You're right about price/performance but for some its more than that. I had a crossfired 7970 config and switched to a 780ti which is probably a downgrade in performance but I would have switched teams years ago if I knew how pleasant it was to use Nvidias software, their GPU boost, shadowplay, optimisations etc, their shit just works. Sure AMD have the similar features on raptr, but have you ever used that shit? Raptr is an atrocious buggy piece of shit (from my experiences). I should have made a list of all the bizzare things that happened with that software, ill try remember a few.


    Metro LL when running Raptr the mouse would not be constraint to one monitor, aiming to the right would mean my mouse drags onto my secondary monitor, then clicking minimizes to the desktop.


    Splintercell blacklist, when Raptr was running I could see the screen refresh and flash white, like some crazy seizure inducing shit.


    Borderlands, game would just crash upon launch when Raptr was running.


    Theres heaps more but I cant think of all of them, but all of them were persistent, and fixed by just killing Raptr and running the game again.


    As for Catalyst Control Center only problem there was that presets only remember screen positions and not things like gamma. And yes the cards were loud, hot and had coil whine. 

  5. Stop playing a game that is in alpha and already full of hackers? I don't understand you people.

    He didn't mention any problems with the development of the game OR hackers...?

    This same issue could apply to a fully developed game like CSGO.

  6. Damn what a shame. I used to admin a popular Australian server, not anymore tho. A lot of servers lose their ban list when they wipe. try going on their official website and posting to ask why you were banned, they will either have to unban you, or keep you banned with no real evidence, resulting in poor PR and rep. Most owners will take the first option.