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  1. Just put warzone on 200% (upscaling to 4k) noticed a slight increase in frames. from average of 55 to an average of 60.
  2. Running in Dual channel, 2 sticks, one in the second slot, one in the last as instructed by my motherboard manual. Shows as running in dual channel. I have tried different configs, just using one etc. to no avail.
  3. Im using the B450-F Gaming motherboard. My whole system info.
  4. Terrible FPS with AMAZING PC - Done everything under the sun, nothing has fixed it What I HAVE done. Ran various benchmarks Clean installed windows MULTIPLE times installed all chipset drivers to their latest versions clean installed graphics drivers, rolled them back etc swapped out GPU with one of the same. New RAM reset CMOS updated bios reset all settings to default with only DOCP enabled done every nvidia control panel config imaginable overclocked, underclocked tried new storage devices tried everything with only 1 mon
  5. I have tried this before, many times too. My GPU utilization has never been an issue, its always been where it should. So im really at a loss.
  6. Yes, im running at a native 1080p. Also, yes, Ive tried with just one monitor and it does literally nothing.
  7. Here are my Multi Core and single core scores. Ran it multiple times and this was the highest it got.
  8. As stated in the post I made, I have done this several times already over the past 2 years, always the same performance.
  9. Moved the NVME, did nothing for my performance. And I have done all of these things, multiple times. Ill run them again to show you, but they call come back perfectly fine. Same with bios settings, ive already done the things you stated.
  10. According to my own afterburner, im running a solid 1800mhz boost clock when underload, perfectly fine temps too, I have no overlock on the GPU either.
  11. Ooooh I see. If this adds to anything, the SSD was a very recent addition, only had it a few weeks. Ive been having these very bad underperforming issues since ive had the pc, which was 2 years ago.