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  1. Is the oven an option for n°2 ? Okay, i'm gonna try the isoprop bath. Are cotton swabs all right or does it really need to be lint free like some cotton makeup remover ? Even if number 3 doesn't work, can you repair it with like, buying new VRAM chips and using a hot air gun for soldering ? (Not planning to do it myself, but is it somehow fixable by a pro ?)
  2. I'm gonna retry with news Thermalright pad. Somehow, i can't see the memory temp in GPU-Z
  3. Well normal cotton cloth. Nothing special, barefoot with flipflops, no carpets, was working on a plastic cutting board.
  4. Hi everyone, I changed my thermal paste and pads on my Zotac RTX 3070. It isn't my first GPU thermal paste replacement, but the first time I messed up. I've done the exact same procedure as Chapter 1 on 3 others cards in the past. I did overclock the card a little bit, but not that much, was perfectly stable, didn't do any big stress test or didn't touch the voltage tho. GPU temps never did go over 80°C. Chapter 1: The origin I changed the GPU paste to the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut one (12,5 W/MK) I removed the old one with mic