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  1. Sorry i am not yet aware of the correct and safe voltage ranges, I have not modified anything manually and have tried 4 options of default, XMP, PBO, PBO motherboard limits. which voltage setting in the pics, Are there any voltages that are higher than expected? Although i am looking at understanding and correcting the CPU performance at default setting, later i might want to set basic overclock too. so this knowledge will be useful. Gigabyte reply on BIOS question was not really useful, They said it is upto the user if they want to downgrade the B
  2. raised a support request with gigabyte asking about F13 BIOS version removal from their site. low hopes of getting useful reply that isnt just filling with boilerplate guidance (as they cant really share internal info on innards of the BIOS and results with other users with beta BIOS) I will try the startup and program cleanup tomorrow and update here.
  3. Thanks Chris Pratt for the suggestions on BIOS reset and background apps, I actually had first executed the tests with 3800Mhz RAM with PBO default (using Ryzen Master) and later when score was lower that other folks default config, I thought to start from scratch and tried again with BIOS reset and "load optimized settings." will check on what else is starting on bootup and clean/kill them before running the test. I am starting only HWinfo64 and cinebench after bootup for test. But there might be some old programs and crud in my windows installation. This is an old windows i
  4. Hello All, I am wondering what I am doing wrong to get low cinebench23 scores, bad luck with the CPU hardware lottery, or some mistakes I did in assembly? I have chosen the best hardware for performance I think and my scores are not coming close to even the lowest scores at default for others. 21755 default bios optimized settings RAM 2120Mhz, 69C CPU, 3.67GHz CPU after the test finished. temps quickly dropped 21688 default bios optimized settings + XMP RAM XMP 3600Mhz, 70C CPU, 3.65GHz CPU 22910 with PBO advanced, mot