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  1. YoLige

    1080 TI

    Is $700 AUD good for ROG STRIX GTX 1080TI?
  2. so when on YouTube or something will inbuilt graphics get used or is it either one or the other. Also which is the better cpu do you think
  3. Hello, I was talking to a mate today and he was helping friend out with parts list, i originally had told this friend to get the 5600x because its a good gaming CPU and that's all they'd be doing anyways, but my mate told her to get the i5 9600k instead because it is cheaper and it had inbuilt graphics so when surfing the web or watching videos it wouldn't waste power and use the graphics card and instead would use the inbuilt graphics. so I went along with it and just said yeah ok but I'm not sure if the 9600k is a better option also considering its an older CPU, pretty sure it came out late
  4. Games like minecraft, fortnite, warzone
  5. Is the R 5 5600x good for streaming?
  6. yeah that's all stuff I took into account when putting the part list together.
  7. yeah that's why I have chosen the 5600x because of its performance with gaming. do you mean more expensive than the 3600 or the 3700x? cause its cheaper than the 3700x, the 1TB is fine yeah. also for the 750w psu that's what i had in mind plus its $10 cheaper, why not aha and its been rated to be very good by people that I've talked to on the forum.
  8. I see where you are coming from but from what I've heard 5600x is a fine choice for whatever you want, and I'm not sure what you mean about over kill mobo they both use the same chipset and is cheaper than the one you chose. This is talking about list 1. also I don't think she necessarily needs a 1 TB NVME drive, 500gb should be fine for what she wants to do. I dont doubt that you know what you are talking about but i just want bit more of an explanation.
  9. Yeah true to that, thank you heaps and ill let her know and also thank you again for the advice too. yeah when I've got questions about part lists and whatever i always ask on here
  10. ill look into it but most likely just stick with the crucial P1, idk how to tell her the first list is bad, I don't want to sound like I'm undermining her friend
  11. I thought so, she said that her friend knew a lot about pcs and what not but I'm starting to think he doesn't know as much as I originally thought.
  12. Thanks heaps, ill have a look at it, i also had the thought that on list 2 the cpu cooler is massive
  13. Yeah understood, i somewhat thought that but this set it in concrete, and the PCIe being 4.0 is a plus and would be better overall Thanks heaps
  14. thanks heaps if you could give reasons thatd be good, cheers, Elijah