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  1. I did try another cable, still doesn't work. It could be the ports, and if it is, then what should I do? But before I try anything like that should I reset the CMOS battery incase the BIOS settings are interfering with the ethernet
  2. I don't have a wireless adapter and therefore I resort to using an ethernet cable, however it has stopped working sometime this week and it has been working fine for a solid year now Ryzen 7 3700x - Nvidia GTX 1660 Super - MSI b450 tomahawk max
  3. Also, I would just like to add that the colour scheme of my PC that I set shows up for around 3-5 seconds and then it goes back to the default colour scheme.
  4. I found that the GPU and RAM are not the issue, I have not checked the CPU yet, however before I do that, I am going to replace the CMOS battery as I fear it may be empty. I really don't think it will be the CPU as there is no reason for it to stop working as it has been fully functional for around a year now. I also cleaned out my whole PC and eliminated any dust particles.
  5. Okay, however if it is a GPU issue, why won't my keyboard & mouse light up if they are connected to the PC?
  6. When I power my computer on, the fans come on and it lights up, however it does not display any output. On the motherboard it indicates a CPU error, however when I bought the motherboard, it came with the cpu pre-installed. I need someone to help me and tell me how to fix it. I also reseated the CMOS battery, however it still did not work. Also note that I fear it overheated. It has been working smoothly for around a year now until yesterday a sudden bluescreen error occurred and crashed my PC. Ever since, it will not display any output. I think I might need to re-
  7. I took the cmos battery and put it back in, however it still isn't working. I believe my PC may have overheated multiple times recently and I think I should reapply thermal paste to the CPU.
  8. Ok, but do you reckon i could get a refund for the cpu if it is broken because when i ordered the motherboard, the cpu was already on the motherboard.
  9. however, the light is not stuck on it, it is lit up for a few seconds after i power it on and then the led switches back off, and the pc has been working fine until now.
  10. its a momentary red led light that is lit above the 24 pin port when i turn it on
  11. yeah, i have full specs even a wifi card in a pcie slot but there is a red light on the motherboard when i turn it on sometimes
  12. My specs are: Ryzen 7 3700x, zotac gaming RTX 2060, 16 gb ram, RM850 corsair PSU, 4tb seagate barracuda hard drive, sabrent rocket Q 2 tb ssd, msi b450 tomahawk max, corsair spec deta rgb case