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  1. Ye i dont care about the mic i care only about the audio but understandable everyone has diffrent opionion
  2. Why hard no, every review i watch is positive with the audio on those headphones
  3. Poland. My friend recommended me arctic pro and is it good ?
  4. I was thinking of buying hyperx cloud 2 wireless but i dont know if i can trust wireless lmao
  5. as the title says, I need a recommendation for new headphones used mainly for games / watching and i would need without the microphone cuz i already have a stand mic So far I have used hyperx cloud alpha but they are a bit old so I decided to buy something new My budget is around 250$
  6. Well yes macthing display makes sense but i dont want to have 2 144hz monitors bc the second one will be waste bc i will be using it only for discord etc. plus aoc isnt curved so it kinda dont fit, but i agree it is good
  7. Well i know but its kinda waste of money cuz its 144hz and i will be using only discord etc on it and why was it questionable to begin ?
  8. As the title says, I need a second monitor recommendation, mainly used for discord/google, so preferably 60/100 hz and curved. My main monitor is Msi Optix G24C4 144Hz BUDGET: 250 USD
  9. Maybe u don't have space on your disk or you can always try to reinstall the game.
  10. Ye but I don't think its the problem because for example when i play escape from tarkov where i jump from 70 to 100 fps every second, i can feel the smoothness of the game even when I have 70 fps
  11. Like the title says i am playing Dying Light on average 100-140 fps and it doesn't feel smooth enough. Yes i have turned vsync off and did all of the normal stuff but still it doesn't feel smooth and I don't know if its my problem or game's problem. GPU: Amd Rx 5600-XT CPU: Intel Core i5-9400F 2.9GHz