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  1. Tried booting from the installer USB and selecting the repair option? Sound like maybe your boot loader got screwed up.
  2. Did you reset the app and/or used powershell to re-register the app? Get-AppXPackage *Microsoft.WindowsStore* | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}
  3. Where did you download it from?, via Steam or XB?
  4. before you flame me with CAPS.. excuse me that my native langue isn't English, here we also know the psu cable as extension cable as they extend from the PSU to the components.
  5. Buy them from a reputable place and you'll be fine, I use them, never had any issues. Just don't buy the cheapest of the cheap. Personally I buy from the link I gave you and never had any issues. Different PSU's 80+.
  6. Aftermarket extension cables, like here. but there's tons out there.
  7. Depends on what motherboard you have, some have an actual reset switch on the I/O, some have the CMOS jumper on the board itself, or just remove the bat. Do you use onboard graphics?
  8. Overclocking usually doesn't lead to a broken computer. Check your monitor cable, maybe it got loose? What motherboard are you using? Reset your bios, let your ram default to its stock speed then enable XMP again.
  9. Try this, shutdown the computer and remove the second nvme, so just boot with the one that has your windows on it, after its fully booted, do a normal shutdown. Then put the nvme back into your board (whats your motherboard?) and boot back into windows, does it get recognized?
  10. You should be able to yeah, that cooler should have a way to mount it with out too much hassle.
  11. What cooler are you trying to install, if I remember correctly you don't need to remove it, if you rotate your cooler it doesn't align up with any hole?
  12. If you plug a USB drive or any other USB powered device, do they work fine? How about straight in to the computer. Could be you have a faulty headset.
  13. It doesn't even show that your headphones are connected? What motherboard are you using? Does it do it with all the USB ports?