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  1. Hey this is going to be my setup if ios 15 has exteded display support 1.Sony bravia TV(it's old but it's gold) 2.Ipad mini 4(hopefully supported by ios 15) 3.Nvdia geoforce now with rtx 4.A adapter for the ipad Is this a good setup?
  2. Hey I have 40 mbps internet so will this be enough for geoforce now?
  3. Hey I had doubts and I am very curious
  4. wait can you tell me why you can't do that?
  5. Hey what if I take an m1 mac or an windows laptop an have 50 virtual machines and mine cryto in every machine? Will It work and can I earn lot of money?
  6. Hey google also has this kind of thing so can you mine on that?
  7. I really hope that they have exteded display support because I can connect my ipad to a monitor and use it as a computer
  8. Hey if you connect an ipad to an external display and game then you would get the resolution of the ipad on the monitor but if ios 15 supports exteded display then would you get the resolution of the monitor you are using?
  9. Hey If ios 15 supports extended display then will it give the resolution of the ipad?
  10. If you connect an ipad to an external monitor and game then will you get the resolution as the ipad or monitor?
  11. Will you connect an ipad to an external monitor and game will you get resolution of the monitor or the ipad?