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  1. TBF on the guidelines it says "tech/gaming"
  2. Summary As of yesterday, Crytek has confirmed a full remastering of all three Crysis games in one bundle, with the ability to to purchase 2 and 3 on their own. It is set to release in the fall. Quotes My thoughts As with the Uncharted 4 PC release, I'm quite excited. It always bothered me that Crysis 3 never got the chance to release on the PS4 and XBox One prior. Will they include Crysis: Warhead in this remastering? Sources https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1399745392540008448 https://www.crytek.com/news/crysis-remastered-trilogy
  3. Banned because you reminded me that I haven’t finished the DLC yet.
  4. Just how well does this absolute titan of a GPU perform with emulators? I would assume that it can demolish any emulated game you can throw at it, apart from PS3 and XBox 360 which still have a lot of kinks to work through.
  5. Beyond this point, I don't think I can help you too much. I hope someone can find a game you'll enjoy!
  6. As someone else mentioned, you've got the snob part down pat. I can't add too much solid input since your gaming tastes and mine are so far apart. Have you played Earthbound?
  7. Quite understandable. Also, HOLY SHIT ITS CHRIS PRATT
  8. No idea in all honestly. Gaming has seen a big shift these past few years with more and more waking up to the significant benefits of PC gaming (even it still has its flaws, no doubt).
  9. The PC master race will finally achieve it's end goal, and become the ultimater platform ψ(`∇´)ψ.
  10. Is it really self harm? It's generally done them good despite the negative reception.
  11. Summary Uncharted 4 is getting a PC port soon, as shown to investors in a meeting on Thursday. This is part of a effort by Sony to move beyond just consoles, as demonstrated by Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn's recent releases. Quotes My thoughts Generally, I'd say this is a good thing. Exclusives have been hurting the industry for quite a long time, and it's quite exciting to see more great games be accessible. Can we expect a Spider-Man port soon? Sources Read the full article here: https://www.polygon.com/22456881/uncharted-4-pc-release-dates
  12. Banned for not knowing what Ratchet and Clank is
  13. Banned for having a Minecraft profile picture.
  14. Banned for mocking me for said use of light theme because I didn't know I could turn it off.
  15. Banned because you used white text.
  16. Like the title says, Turbo is really underrated. It isn't a cinematic masterpiece or anything, but it deserves more attention. What did you all think of the movie?