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  1. Idk why, but my camera, video player(movies and tv), my game recording, old videos, all become purple/blue colour, anyone can help?
  2. Amsyar


    When I shutdown my pc or restart, my monitor says there is no signal, i need to unplug the power cable from my pc and put it back in order to work, pls help me.
  3. When my pc is running a game, my gpu usage is under 20%. My cpu is around 40%. My fps game drop all the time, my texture wasnt load in, and worst of all crash, anyway to fix pls help or should i buy new ram and ssd, My pc specs Pentium G4560 Gt1030 4gb ram 2400mhz 120gb ssd for windows 300gb old hdd(laptop hdd) for game library