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  1. Update: For some reason now it started sounding very high pitched (like a whistle inside of my pc). It sounds like GPU coil whine, but it's not, it's coming from the drive.
  2. It could be coil whine. I know for sure that it isn't something scraping the platters as the sound sometimes quickly changes in pitch (especially during boot). But even if it is coil while, it's pretty loud. When i close the case it's barely audible, but the sound isn't really what I'm worried about, it's the fact that it may be failing. And before you ask, yes it is coming from the drive. I ran with the case open and the drive placed on the floor after I heard the sound. I had 2 other drives and none of them did this.
  3. I bought a new drive (ST1000DM003 from 2014) and when i plugged it in i noticed a high pitched sound coming from it. I can't exactly pinpoint where from the drive it comes from, but it seems to be coming closer to the side where the connectors are. The drive works perfectly fine however (good health in crystal disk info, crystal disk mark 200mb/s sequential, 2.5mb/s 4k random). I have stored CS:GO on the drive and it works perfectly fine However, the high pitched sound is driving me crazy. HD Sentinel screenshot