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  1. Well it's 100% confirmed. Gpu is at fault in windows it works great, but I can't use it in linux this is after booting pop os the installer worked great with nomodeset but the desktop does not. This is how my screen looks like.
  2. Ok so i tried kubuntu, same thing black screen, but manjaro kde stayed for a second longer and there were some jitters on the screen like on the old crt's so i thinks it's gpu related.
  3. Used both rufus and etcher, no difference, but etcher sometimes spits and error for no apparent reason.
  4. Yeah so i thought and i tried pop os! Since it's ubuntu based but ok I'll try manjaro kde and maybe kubuntu. My config is: Intel e5-1650 Radeon r9 390 16 GB of ddr3 ecc 500GB ssd I heard that the 390 had some problems with free amd drivers
  5. Hmm since I was formatting my drive 15 times per hour i installed ventoy to make it easier, but I'm pretty sure that I always do it in mbr since rufus does that automatically. Plus when i attach manjaro the options are grayed out so i can't even change those.
  6. Hi . I have a small little problem. Bill Gates hacked my computer and doesn't let me install linux. But for real, i can't boot into any live usb in order to install linux. I tried manjaro, endavouros and pop! os. None of those work and let me describe the issue. I boot into the gui normally there are options to boot with proprietary or free drivers everything is normal. I choose free (i have r9 390), and the linux loads, the standard green OK all across the board. And just as the desktop is to load the mouse appears for a second and then the whole screen goes black, pitch black and my display