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  1. I understand what there warrant says I just don't agree with it as this was new sealed just happened to be from eBay. It's just a excuse to reject a percentage of what comes back to save them more $..
  2. Says I have warranty till nov 25th 2025.....
  3. Yes it was the original description at the start.
  4. I still disagree and tech support was sent video they watched it they said to have it replaced because of noise. I have right to complain and let other know so I'm do it. If they would told me at at start of tech support they would not support it I wouldn't been as mad but wasting 3weeks plus is crazy.
  5. This was new and I agree they can't say when warranty starts but when product came out less than a year and has 5yr warranty.... Also they Cleary have it listed as having Warranty Perio 2020-11-17 - 2025-11-18 But they won't honor it dumb...
  6. I know was going to be loud but not that loud.
  7. 2 months ago so thats not possible. Prolly could of done it if didn't take so long to tell me to do a RMA. I know I'm screwed but I will now make sure people know buyer beware on there products.
  8. Yes I know now still don't agree with that and the time tech support wasted. They should of just told me that up front. They suck and just reason to denial claims so don't lose money for there crappy products. I should of checked out the reviews b4 buying.
  9. I got from eBay but was sealed with cpu. My friend wanted the cpu so split the cost. In the end they still should cover it its only been out since nov 2020. I will never buy any of there products again and will def be letting as many people as possible know buyer beware of any of there products.
  10. They should back there product period...
  11. I got a CoolerMaster Subzero ML360 AIO that was originally in a LTX set with golden sample CPU that Linus gave away. It was brand new sealed so Installed it and it works but is very loud. Contacted tech support and it took weeks b4 they said to do a RMA. So I did that but was rejected because it was from eBay. its ridiculous it has a 5 year warranty. If anyone has contact info for someone higher up there please let me know. See the video below Video.mov