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  1. Shit I didin't know thanks alot of you both Im gonna defiently take a further look.
  2. Thanks alot mate!! is there any way that your gpu need to be compatible with your monitor for better performance or something?
  3. oh ye good Idea but Iknow I need 2 new monitors mines are very old. But Should I wanna Get new monitors before getting a new Gpu
  4. Yee I could But like I don't have much stuff in my computer.
  5. My case is an Corsair 4000D TG in black color.
  6. What Should I buy next to my computer. Heres my specs: Gpu: Amd radeon 580 series Cpu:I7-9700F 3.00GHZ Ram:16gb Motherboard: Tuf z390-plus Cooler: icue H100i RGB PRO XT Drive: Sata hard disc 1tb I am on a budget but cannot say exactly where my budget is. But I am 15 y o so you can kinda guess it of my age.
  7. KoalanS


    Ooh thanks they looks great. Do you think its able to change the ear pads? Oh wait know I have found that after a certain of time they gets uncomfortable. So I don’t know I use my computer a big % of my sparetime.
  8. KoalanS


    those looks nice but over the budget ,But thanks anyway;)
  9. KoalanS


    And If you could find ones in Bluetooth that would be great
  10. KoalanS


    eeh like 240 $
  11. KoalanS


    Do you guys have any ideeas of Studio headsets that also work for fps gaming? And only plug and play.
  12. Thanks for the help , And @Jurrunio its too late iknow its not the strongeest but it will work and i do not overclock my things so I think I should be safe, "14 y o so I do not have much money on me"
  13. Idk if my ASUS TUF Z390-PLUS GAMING motherboard is compatible with Intel i9 9900k bc on the pappers in the box it dosen't say anything about i9 but when I Search on it, it says that it could run on i9 and much youtube pc buildings that uses the same motherboard and using i9?
  14. ooh yea that could be it, thanks , but I still wanna know why my computer only lasted in 2 month or less?
  15. my computer that me and my grandpa built lasted in 2 month and then it didin't even start so I went to my grandpa to see if we could fix it . We tried with another powersuppla and nothing was happening but ones we pulled the other powersupply back it start smoking in one of the top batteries on the moderboard. And I want help to solve this problem