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    AMD 5 3600 @ 4ghz
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    Astrix Asus
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    16GB DDR4
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    GTX 1050
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    Windows 10

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  1. 1. FiveM (Gta roleplay) 2. Internet speed is about 65Mbps 3. Router model is: KPN 4. devices het arround 60 degrees 5. nope
  2. hello, my game starts lagging alot when i play for a long time, this is my ethernet ss: https://gyazo.com/3d022ba4613541559392b924fce254ed SPECS: https://gyazo.com/7bf4feb19b18e8cbdea35c510c4c766d
  3. thanks man, it worked. i got new led strips but idk where to put them, they have 4pins but 1 isn’t there.
  4. thanks so much for helping me tough, i really appreciate it
  5. yo bro, i fixed it lol. it were my settings, everything was on ultra settings, when i did it on normal. it didn’t go higher then 50.
  6. that’s my temp when i just loaded the game ^
  7. also, i can’t get my panel to work, the lights my fans aren’t working & 1 isn’t working at all, if u ever have time, i could use help
  8. what if it hits that? and my mobo & gpu are warm too, kinda worried ngl
  9. i have the feeling like, i have to check maybe it’s overheating you get me, so he will be trying this out definitely, is 80c in the danger zone?
  10. Alright, thanks so much for helping me out, trust me gaming when worried about temp sucks