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  1. Do you know what will happen to my ssd and my hdd that I had before if I have them plugged in while doing this?
  2. You are probably right. I just downloaded windows media tool on to a usb so hope it works now.
  3. Maybe. I will give it a go
  4. I just changed motherboard and cpu and when I start my computer I always get into bios and can’t get out. I have tried exiting but the screen goes black and then back into bios. I have also tried restarting my pc. The motherboard is the msi mag b560 tomahawk
  5. I have been struggling to take of my cpu fan holder but I am stuck. It is weird screws going through the motherboard and on ther under side there are 4 things that click on to the screws. It is the holder for cryorig h7 cpu fan. I have been trying to pull the 4 black click things of but nothing is happening. I need help. Hope this is the right Chanel to ask for this kind of help.
  6. Am i able to use the same thermal paste that i am going to use on my new Cpu aswell as changing thermal paste on my gpu? I got the Kryonaut thermal grizzly.
  7. I am going to upgrade my pc with a i5-11400F with a Msi mag b560 tomahawk but i also think i need a new ram. I got a 16gb (1x16) 2666mhz ram atm. I was thinking about getting a 2x8 3200 mhz but i don't know what ram is good to combine with that cpu and motherboard i terms of mhz and other factors. Can anyone help?
  8. I have looked at some ram and you said that should not go for an LPX. Why should i not go for LPX?
  9. Okay, Thank you very much. I am kinda new to upgrading my pc so i don't have that much knowledge. Should i go for 2x8gb or 1x16gb ram? I have heard that 2x8 is better cuz u get dual channels or something like that.
  10. Im planing to upgrade my cpu and motherboard. My current motherboard Z-170E will not fit with the i5-11400F that i am going to buy so what is a good and affordable motherboard for the i5-11400F if anyone knows? I have looked at the asus prime b560 plus but i have no idea if it is good or bad. I don't know if i also need to change my ram from 2666mhz to a 3200mhz ram.