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  1. I plugged the MOLEX in just now, and nothing happened. Also, I don't think the motherboard has fried, because the LEDs light up. Let me try unplugging the fans, and try to boot without them!
  2. Okay, I opened the second RGB header, but nothing changed. It still won't boot!!
  3. How to prevent the fans from shorting the motherboard? I have plugged the fans into the controller. And for the 6th fan, I daisy chained them with the ARGB header with the ARGB header of the RGB controller. There can be one more thing: will I have to plug in the MOLEX connector of the 6th fan?
  4. The PC wasn't plugged in when I installed the fans. And for unplugging the fans, I will try that and update here Thanks for the tip!
  5. Hello! So, I have the Ant Esports ICE 300 TG case. I changed the pre-installed fans and installed a few (6) Gamdias Aeolus M2 fans. But, after installing them, plugging all cables, putting the side panels together, the PC won't boot. I switch the PSU switch on, the motherboard LEDs light up. But, when I press the power on switch on my case, nothing happens. As if I didn't even press it! I have the B450 Steel Legend, so the motherboard LEDs always stay on if the PSU is turned on (kind of dumb, Ik), so my guess is that the board and power supply is fine. I tried reseating the Power S
  6. Thank you so much for the suggestions! I will probably go with the Thermaltake or the Noctua. The Antec one isn't completely black!
  7. I am located in India, and I shop from amazon.in or flipkart.com. mdcomputers.com and primeabgb.com are options too! Also, I think that the cooler won't fit in the case. I'll use measuring tape and get accurate measures though! But, considering the CM Hyper 212 doesn't fit, what is the best cooler in your opinion that can fit in it under 4000 rupees or roughly $55?
  8. It will fit with the socket for sure. I was meaning space constraints. Will the cooler fit inside there? Or will the RAM block it? That was my question actually!
  9. I have the Gigabyte H310M H2.0 motherboard with the Intel i5-9400F processor. I want to upgrade the Intel stock cooler and get the CM Hyper Hyper 212 RGB Black, because my build is black themed. I already have RAM with tall heatsinks, two Adata XPG Spectrix D40 8GB sticks to be precise. I really am worried whether that cooler will fit on to that motherboard. Can someone help me with this?