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  1. But i literally didn't do anything to my laptop! I'm completely sure
  2. This line appeared on my laptop screen after i went out to buy something, i didn't do anything, and i don't have any pets or siblings, (so i don't think it took any physical damage) it just appeared, is my screen broken? Or it's something else?
  3. I got my laptop back , it was electro static that did this, he said it's routine and always happens, he said my laptop would turned on, but not on battery just when it was plugged in, i said why there was a need for my password or why u had to install bios, he said he needed my password to install bios (i can see the installation file on my desktop now) and reinstalling bios fixed battery (?) i said couldn't elctro static damage my laptop and shouldn't you be more careful? , he said "no, and it happens all the time" , i still don't know why he had to reinstall the bios tho thanks for your repl
  4. today i gave my laptop to a technician to replace thermal paste, he called me and asked for my laptop password, then called me and said there's something wrong with my battery connectors and he's reinstalling my BIOS (fixing it) ? (my laptop didn't have any problems at all everything is fine, i would do the replacement myself but because I'm not experienced i gave it to someone else to do it and now my laptop is messed up because of something stupid and simple (except thermals) idk what is going on, my laptop is still in his shop please help me about what's going on