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  1. Dude even when. I limit games t0 30 fps (cpu utilization will drop to 50 percent) this still happens I've experienced cpu and gpu bottlenecks before, it's never like this
  2. My specs : -laptop Legion 5-15IMH05H -win 10 pro -Intel core i5 10300h 4 cores 8 thread 2.5 ghz turbo 4.5 ghz -Wd nvme m.2 256 ssd (main) -Wd 1tb hard 5200rpm -RTX 2060 115w -Ram double slot 16gb 2933 sodium -1080p ips 144 hz not gsync -230 watt power brick **Things i tried I mean i tried alot of things for 2 weeks that I'm using this laptop I reinstalled and updated bios and all my drivers I reinstalled fresh windows (day 1 after buying it, it had windows home and i replaced it with windows 10 pro) I've set my power plan to h
  3. No the game was reporting it incorrectly, my refresh rate is 144hz (it's set to 144hz in settings too, also i can feel it's 144hz) and it's not only this game I'm wondering if i disable my igpu my problem would be solved (even tho i set my games to high performance in Nvidia control panel)
  4. My new lenovo legion 5, core i5 10th gen rtx 2060, 16gb ram 144hz laptop while plugged in micro stutters/freeze alot in games, i updated all my drivers and windows, but still no result, in forza horizon 4 benchmark it says i have +100 stutters it's not this game only, few other games run smoothly and great but for a fraction of second freeze than become normal again (lm using my laptop performance mode and cpu and gpu temps are both under 85 and none of them hit 100% and bottleneck) i know something is wrong with my laptop, what can it be?
  5. Thank you so much, I was just confused, idk why Microsoft won't let you solve problems like these Anyway thanks for your time
  6. Is it okay this way? Ssd is still disk 1 but all windows partition are on ssd, should i be worried?
  7. ssd was disk 0 before clean instalation, and i want it to be disk 0 because recovery partition will go to drive 0, and my laptop might slow down because of that I am fairly sure ssd was drive 0 before installing
  8. Keep it in mind it's a laptop, and i don't want to open it up and remove hdd since it's brand new Is there any way? My laptop is lenovo legion 5
  9. After reseting windows 10,now my new users folder is in users folder ( C>Users>users>*my name*) what should do? This is legit pissing me off I did windows reset through repair tool (shift +f8) reset my pc because couldn't sign in to my pc
  10. I'm going to buy lenovo legion 5-hb, core i5 10300H-16GB ram-1TB+512SSD 2060 for 950 usd, do you guys have better suggestions than this (should be at this price range) or should i buy it rn?
  11. But i literally didn't do anything to my laptop! I'm completely sure
  12. This line appeared on my laptop screen after i went out to buy something, i didn't do anything, and i don't have any pets or siblings, (so i don't think it took any physical damage) it just appeared, is my screen broken? Or it's something else?