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  1. That video, man. I watch female streamers on twitch. Not always since they aren't on 24/7 and I've got better things to watch than people playing casually. But there was this one particular streamer that was regarded as a camwhore by a lot. I decided to watch 'em anyway and I thought they were cool people, they didn't seem to fit the description others provided me with. After a while I end up hopping on her stream and she's playing, doing her thing. I end up looking at her and her shirt is literally unbuttoned 7-8 buttons down, viewers barely able to catch a glimpse of the sides of her tits
  2. Hopefully you realize that you said "But consoles have octocore CPUs".
  3. Bulldozer/module-based AMD cores are funny. 4 cores at 4ghz is pretty much equal to 8 cores at 2ghz, assuming they're the same architecture. There's some discrepancies of course but that's the gist of it. The real kicker for consoles is the VRAM/DRAM. Seeing as they're essentially utilizing HSA, they slap an R7 GPU core and some DDR together instead of having a dedicated memory bus, VRAM etc. It still doesn't mean they have 8GB of VRAM to use since it's being shared. This isn't the poltically accurate description but I cannot be bothered to go deep into this atm. Xbox one and PS4 are nearl
  4. They must be feeling the effects of alibaba and ebay now that Newegg is 100% out of the picture.
  5. Check to see if the grips or stands on the bottom aren't torqued, bent or out of place. What you could do is buy some foam tape stuff to help level it out but it could end up rocking if you moved it at all. It sounds more like your desk isn't level or the surface is distorted than a problem with the keyboard. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=foam+tape (Don't buy double-sided tape) Shave it down with a blade or scissors to whatever thickness/shape you need it to be. If it's in the wrong place or you fuck up, take it off and scrub off the adhes
  6. Button is gone but this link still works http://linustechtips.com/main/index.php?app=core&module=search Just click on "View New Content" and delete everything past "app=core&module=search" in the url bar to access the search page.
  7. When they iron out the bs for DotA 2 and/or know that S2 is solid. I have a feeling it'll go like this: February-April DotA 2 Source2 June-August CS:GO Source2 September-November Left4Dead 3 (with the Source2 engine, obviously) It will be slightly different, but you're right. Yet that's where it may be very, very handy to have on said older games. I highly doubt TF2 will get it but there is no doubt CS:GO will at some point or another. Too useful, the CS:GO community is growing fast. It's a good opportunity to import their DotA 2 marketing strategies entirely into CS:GO.
  8. Shadow of Mordor is not notable. I've heard nothing about the others except Dragon Age (everyone has) and even then it's just eyecandy to me. I think Totalbiscuit did a well-rounded overview of the game. It does not play correctly for what it is. If you think that seemingly endless content is the selling point, I suggest you get into asian gaming.
  9. Kinda hard to compete with good games that have nostalgia when you're producing dogshit on a monthly basis. There's not been one notably good game this year except for Nintendo titles. Are you joking?
  10. Nexon/Aeria/NCSoft and balance never go hand-in-hand. Have you played many games by them?
  11. I don't get the hype behind EK's waterblocks. I think most are ugly as hell.
  12. Post it to user reviews and not here.
  13. Until game awards stop being about marketing and biased as fuck with ratings and winners I'll never watch one again. If you're all that interested in game news, just wait for it to hit the internet during/after the event.. Oh, and I have no idea how TGA is formatted. Sorry if I'm jumping down anyone's throat for no reason. I don't see a reason to tune into anything remotely similar to VGA. Some announcement for an upcoming title or anything similar won't change that either.
  14. People need to realize that it's still a two pipe cooler with no vapor chamber. It's better than an aluminum block with a 90mm fan on top or something but it's pretty bad.. 120W of cooling isn't impressive at any price above $5. And I'm sure that number gets tossed out the window as soon as you have a moderately overclocked GPU that isn't a blower style or watercooled.
  15. Heh. That video had like 700,000,000 views when this first went up. This hit 1.2B views in far less than a year and 1.8 another 8-10 months later.
  16. There's no good reason to disable a PCI slot graphics card I think. That is unless you're troubleshooting a problem.. Very easy to do and I recommend you play with your bios a bit anyway. Good stuff to learn in there.
  17. Terrible timing to do this because the prices are going to jump and screw up all of those price brackets as soon as the date hits December 2nd. No hate, this could be helpful to many.
  18. Sick post by Quan right there. That's about all the info you need in one topic, Danial. Everything here pretty much covers the EVGA power supplies' differences top to bottom.
  19. B = 80+ Bronze-rated (2nd lowest, lowest being 80+ for ratings above N/A), G = 80+ Gold-rated. G1/B1 were the first generation/revision of the product. Hope that helps. EVGA power supplies are great.
  20. You can pick up an R9 290 for roughly $199 in the states over the weekend. That's probably the cheapest, most effective upgrade. I'd look into an SSD as well since many 256GB ones with good controllers (latest Sandforce and Marvell) are $90 and below. The issue with that would be you wanting to reinstall Windows. You might not have been given a disc with your original HP purchase, maybe you can contact them or Microsoft and see if they'd allow you to install it on another disc or flash drive. Not really sure if they've ever done something like that but I remember someone recommending someone
  21. This had been happening to me on TWC for about 3-3.5 months straight, going from 15/1mbps down/up to 2-4/0.5-1mbps down/up. I believe it had to do with throttling but it could be due to rerouting traffic for maintenance (upgrades). The thing is, it doesn't take 3+ months to upgrade one server node for a region. No way in hell. And it wouldn't always be that slow. Furthermore, it got worse over time. Started out inconsistently hitting my advertised speed, which I attributed to whatever, eventually reaching dialup speeds (literally Kbps speeds) and was about to cancel my service and/or bitch f
  22. That's more like it. I just wanted the questions in a better format. Most of your original ones were easily answered by the site but I knew there was more to the post. I actually don't know a ton about Star Citizen (too much disinterest thanks to being afraid of EVE). Sorry I couldn't help too much.
  23. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/promotions/amdmovr Maybe try their website next time, or a google search . Edit: As for money/contribution, I am quite sure this only has to do with them adopting Mantle. And AMD would probably be happy about supporting the first potentially huge PC title using Mantle, as well as Cloud Imperium kind of advertising AMD graphics. Think of it as a mutual agreement, or simply kindness.
  24. Fixed main post to feel less clickbait-y and more informative. Blame fudzilla for that.