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  1. Note that this doesn't affect night mode. Edit: Nevermind, now I get it.. Well, the difference between night mode and normal is insane. I'm not digging the new stuff at all since it's blaringly obvious in night mode for certain things, while others are nonexistant..
  2. I don't know why people are upset about this.. I'd watch it once.. Imagine something like Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide but with video games. That actually sounds reasonable, and much better than the current garbage they're feeding children these days.
  3. I'm still hoping that they're actually going to drop 16GB consumer GDDR5 HBM cards.. 4320p GigaHD+ here we come.
  4. And a 960 is still much worse than a 970. They're overpricing the 960, just like they did with the 760 except this time the difference between X60 and X70 is insane. It's a $160-$170 card at most.
  5. I recommend you look up some benches of Xeons. 99.9% of the time, the Xeon is gonna cost a shitload more for less performance under most conditions you'd be looking at 5820k's for. Same goes for other CPUs; generally speaking Xeons are not consumer-friendly when it comes to the price. You are not getting more value than what is already on i5/i7's line of SKUs. Sometimes it's close, most of the time it's a blowout. Anything beyond an E3 is for work environments, for people with the extra money to spend on cores they will use or high amounts of RAM they will need and need space/low TDP systems
  6. Those are some ass servers then..
  7. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/amd-intel-pc-processor,2031.html Looking at the benchmarks in this article here, it was a good processor. I'd be comparing it to an i5-4690k by today's standards (in regards to how well it performed compared to everything else). No idea if the Q9400 is locked or not, so maybe it'd be closer to an i5-4590. It's 2008's version of an i5-4590/4690k imo. Hope that answers your question.
  8. Is that 2x4GB or 1x8GB of RAM? Is this Windows 7, 8, 8.1, what?
  9. They really can't stop pumping out garbage NFS games, can they? This looks like every other one after the two Undergrounds, and not one of those were enjoyable. This little 'gameplay trailer' doesn't show much but it looks pretty copy + paste-y.
  10. Pretty sure the revision is listed directly on the motherboard for Gigabyte. *Cough* This is a Z97 board but this little doodle of info at the corner there has been around for a long, long time. Yeahh, you can find out what you're getting quite easily but you should be yelling at the retailer and not Gigabyte for poor labeling. Whether or not features are added or removed is subject to the manufacturer, as in they dictate what they want to sell to you. You buy what you need, you complain if they are listing features that aren't there anymore. Make sure you go to the manufacturer's web
  11. Probably should buy more server space than enough for 100 users..
  12. I like how people are posting all of these fantasy builds with the 6-core Haswell-E. Me? I'd finally have that 6-core for my workstation without having to buy Xeon!.. Yet. Xeon switch is inevitable, I hope people realize this soon.
  13. To be fair, Intel isn't exactly providing great products. I don't think a delay or chance of plans affects much..
  14. I swear that your his signature said Pentium (do Pentium 2 840's even exist..?). Nonetheless, a Phenom is hardly enough CPU power with poorly optimized games like FC4. Feel free to say otherwise, I'll simply ignore it.
  15. "Pentium 2 840" Anyone else think this is the problem..? It's running at 90%+ on all four cores. Edit: It may be the driver version.... Weren't 400-series and below dropped from support by NVidia? That means poor optimization from the latest drivers, if not many or all.
  16. "Nvidia starting fights with companies left and right!! They're bound to fall!..." Sarcasm I'm no AMD fanboy, in fact I dislike both brands equally for different reasons, and I can't say those statements aren't due to an extent. I'm not quite at the level where I know all of the facts outside of slightly biased news articles but they don't look that strong based on what's being reported to begin with. It's by no means grim but I have no faith in NVidia pulling this off assuming it doesn't fall through on both sides. It's a shitty situation with a lot of back and forth in general and I don'
  17. Shame on those who are suggesting lower-end, old cards. New cards are crazy cheap unless all you're looking for is multi-monitor support. They are beyond inadequate for gaming, and will be further pushed back very soon.
  18. Sorry for the late reply.. Not to be critical as I definitely did not look hard enough to see a location posted, but that's definitely a high-priority piece of information and should always be included in the top part of your post if you want people to always notice it. I'm not about to try and find Malaysian distributors to figure out the cheapest motherboards, but low-mid tier ASRock (Pro 4/Extreme 3 would be my lower budget recommendations)(in terms of price). They can work but you'd definitely have to get an 8320E. Keep in mind the 970 chipset is optimally suited for 95W or less CPUs, wi
  19. A GTX 750 or R9270 would easily be the cheapest. 750's may not cut it (dunno exacts on LoL) but will definitely hit close I think. The 750 is a very budget-oriented GPU while the R9 270 is at least just enough and the best bang for your buck for how it performs at the 2GB VRAM range The 750Ti is just too expensive to recommend, but it's close... The R9 270 is just about the same and quite a bit faster. Both come in at around $90 and $109, respectively. If you wanna go ultra-budget and League is truly not demanding at all on the GPU side, the R7 260 is insanely cheap for what it is (but is co
  20. They stole the idea from gifyoutube/other sites and it looks like their gifs are tumblr-grade. Just what this planet needs more of! ...Really mad about that, honestly.
  21. Average speed in the U.S. is like 20/5. That is averaged.
  22. Get the Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 AM3+ motherboard instead. I don't trust MSi AM3+ motherboards because a lot of older Intel/AMD MSi ones have a high failure rate in comparison to other brands. Asus and ASRock are also questionable unless you dish out a ton of money for the higher end boards like the Sabertooth R2.0 or the Impact/Rampage, which are 990FX AM3+ boards. Revision 1 (R1.0) Sabertooth from Asus is junk. 970 mobos aren't suited for overclocking in most cases so you should be extremely careful even at stock speeds on an 8-core part. I suggest getting the FX-8320E because it is lower TDP
  23. AMD remains competitive now but I doubt they're making that much on R9 cards. They're all stupid-low in price aside from the R9 285 but even that could be failing. I know it's a horrible card to purchase anyway. The cool thing is that XF can compete with singlecard setups. Sure, you may need to go NVidia if you want the absolute best and are willing to pur at least $1300 into your graphics. But you can also get dual 295X2, triple 290X, etc. and do relatively well all-around while saving $400 or more. The issue I have with late 300-series GPUs is that maybe AMD will lose some ground when th
  24. People often cite korean MMOs as just tits and ass with a sword/magic/guns. It's funny because the only people enabling that are the players. Aion is one of my favorite MMOs and a great example. You can't have monstrous boobs in that game, but there is a chest/torso slider. It works for both male and female characters. You can make guys that are tubby, ones that are beefcakes, 7+ feet (2.5M~) tall,.. You can even make deformed characters with pencil-thin arms and legs, gigantic heads and eyes, Big Bird-sized feet, whatever you want. I've seen it all in that game. The players are the ones w