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  1. It's the emergence of a "new theory", not even one worth mentioning (yet?). Otherwise you'd hear about it coast-to-coast across the world. Nice title though. Mistook you for Buzzfeed!
  2. ...Sooo. Update your title? Or is this not news (really old/repost) and should probably be deleted?
  3. It's a TERAFLOP/WCCFTech post. I'm just gonna say that this is routine procedure, and you will never get more than that. Sucks but that's why you don't read into these types of posts.
  4. Are they using way less silicon with HBM? Maybe graphics cards will get a lot cheaper soon..
  5. Not that it matters much but every PS4 owner I came across in person that had a PS4 chose it because they had a PS3 or they wanted better graphics. Most understood (eventually, at least) that PS4 wasn't that much better than the Xbox One in any regard, and were more keen to buy a PC afterward (but were afraid of cost almost always..). I've yet to talk to anyone that only owns an Xbox One. They either have all systems or a PC + Xbox. I don't own an Xbox One but I'm a Microsoft fanboy, an Xbox franchise fanboy, despise Playstation/Sony products for so many reasons and simply would prefer to ow
  6. This wasn't something that dual 960's should have been compared to, honestly..
  7. I got the same exact one from Amazon last week (blues aren't my favorite but rarity..). Fantastic board for the price.. It's a good buy. Keep in mind it does have a 2 year warranty.
  8. "Predicted" Even you think that they're making up shit on the fly and are sometimes correct when they occasionally have an actual source.
  9. He got sick of having to deal with the comments section (this was before the latest comments section changes) and said he'd disable them from then on out. He has at least 1 video on it, dunno why you wouldn't check his channel.
  10. Literally every time I've queued on the russian server for Dota I've won and played with 1-2 people that knew better english than the majority of people on every US server, that which I have the majority of my games on. It's my favorite server to queue because of this.. Sounds like you're just trying to incite shit/be funny without actually being funny nor factual.
  11. That's never going to happen if the link says "WCCFTech".
  12. Good for archiving and keeping a tab on things, but it just gives people an easier way to forget about what happened. Even if it were successful, it's not much different from having admins inspect and/or monitor the players right then. Basically, I'm asking what your proposition is that'd make this more favorable to everyone without potentially losing the security.
  13. But you posted WCCFTech as source and then said the data was from Videocardz..
  14. As an american, the pride is swelling up inside me right now. Murica is coming, and you're going to take two extra servings of freedom and enjoy them. Seriously, though. I don't think these forums are a good place to discuss this. My opinion is just gonna set people off, your opinion is going to have a flaw of some kind, other peoples' opinions are going to be "wrong", etc.. It's a good, entertaining topic. I just don't think that LTT forums have people capable of talking about it in a manner that doesn't look stupid as fuck.
  15. This literally embodies both everything I didn't expect and didn't want in SWBF3.. Wow, really?
  16. Depends if you're doing it through Newegg or an actual RMA through Gigabyte, I think. I doubt Amazon would reject 30-day returns but I've heard so many times, even with graphics cards exclusively, that Newegg will flat-out deny you a refund if you don't have 100% of the package's contents. In some cases, people had sent everything and Newegg fucked up or lied. That caused them to get stuck with a dud product.
  17. Soda's the bad part about ordering pizza/fast food, in my opinion. Drink water with it instead.
  18. Good guy Amazon. Doesn't fuck around with its customers, never ceases to amaze me with their quality of service.. The problem always lies with the product you order and third-party sellers.
  19. SkyBridge, Beema, Mullins, Seattle, Zambezi, Vishera, etc. Yep. Totally sounds like african porn goddess names, not badass stuff like military code names, Halo universe MAC ships or something from The Matrix... I feel like you're a racist deep down inside as well.
  20. Word. This is how technological advancement always happens in the 21st century...
  21. Did NVidia release some driver that broke 970's and they can no longer be used at 2160p res? As far as I know, no card that is on the market currently can adequately handle higher resolutions without going 3/4-way, and even then it's difficult due to VRAM amounts they're being sold with. Everyone, for months and months and months, have said that the HBM from AMD will likely solve this issue. 970's are no different than when they were first launched. They run 4k as well as they did at launch. Whether or not that is garbage is up for you to decide. Everyone here seems to lack the ability t
  22. Have you ever calculated the cost of power..? With an actually decent cooler, you won't care about heat.. Even if that's supposed to be a joke, you shouldn't include it in your argument.. If you have to run AC year-round, or at all honestly, the chances are high that you live in a warm climate. It's not doing anything, stop whining. You sound like a child.
  23. No worries. It looks like a photoshopped version of the 295X2. That image is also from WCCFTech.