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  1. Reminder that there are large DDOS attacks happening in North America and Europe currently, that include networks besides PSN and XBL. Yeah, you can stop the console circlejerk. It's a bigger problem than that.
  2. Zen is going to be lower TDP and better technologies with similar IPC to Ivy Bridge. The issue is that we don't know if they'll be locked, unlocked, OC beasts or mediocre. Or how many cores they will have. As for the whole tape-out discussion, the only place that claimed AMD was already taping out and planned to launch anything earlier than what was originally stated by AMD was.. Wait for it... WCCFTech They are literally right on schedule, their schedule.
  3. Imagine if a company could predict what to sell you through information without metadata on the user? Perhaps first person shooters or action flicks are really popular in the german market now, and americans are starting to focus on RPGs and comedy movies. They can know exactly what and where you want to and WILL spend your excess money. That iphone 6s seems a little too expensive to europeans based on information gathered? Microsoft releases a slightly underpowered Windows 10 Lumia that's priced perfectly with a beautiful display and enough memory to house all the pictures people seem to be l
  4. He's trying to say using LN2 to operate a 6320 at speeds above 5Ghz is going to be common now, what with this undisclosed voltage mod.
  5. Theey mentioned this a while ago that Skylake would be "unlocked" in the sense that BCLK could budge but multiplier and voltage would be locked unless on K-series.
  6. AMD is going to get burned at the stake for this sporadic/unexplained issue that may be card and/or OS-specific while people still buy 3.5GB 970s for $400
  7. Seems a lot of other people have had issues. Driver forum for GeForce has been nonstop mass complaints for the past 2 weeks or more.
  8. Unless regular balance patches come for Diablo 2 you can expect it to die again. Bugs + Hacking/Cheating + Overpowered Rune Words + Enigma + no end-game content + Imbalanced Uber system + Dead content zones that look amazing to start. Round it off with a rant about the aspect ratio limits, FPS limiter, the game revolving around FPS in terms of calculation for a lot of things (think Skyrim/Triple A game physics, but with everything RPG), and Nonladder vs. Ladder system.. Yeah, it'll take a lot for me to buy a remastered Diablo 2. I've got the original and that's fine by me; like 14-16k hour
  9. - APUs have "Compute cores" because of the technology behind them. This is why it's labeled with a high core count. While I agree the average customer will be mislead by this and sometimes assume it's a beefy processor for 1/3 the price of something with 1/3 the advertised core count from Intel, an APU is not the same as a CPU. They are not for the same thing. That's like saying I'm gonna go play Crysis 3 at Ultra++ with 16x forced supersampling on a Tegra K1 device. Like what the fuck. - "Cores" vs "Threads" is interesting; threads are definitely not classified as cores but modules should n
  10. Is it weird that my mom doesn't know how to use Google Maps but knows about FPU and how insanely helpful it was back then?
  11. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised about this either.. I mean, you choose certain wording for a reason. The thing is, AMD has barely been able to reduce power reqs for their cards, usually performance is seen but wattage is still high. The key thing is that it's still higher watt efficiency, so, for example, we may see a 185W TDP card that would've normally been comparable to an R9 290X at the currenet rate of improvement, and dubbed "R9 480X/490". But if it's +/- 2.0* performance per watt on a relevant scale (i.e. processing power and not texture bandwidth), that'd be like half-priced video
  12. "anti-competitive" I literally laughed. Go tell Microsoft they need to sell Macs on their website then. Go on.
  13. This should be in CPUs subforum or something, not News..
  14. I believe that the given estimates for Zen by AMD in regards to IPC were roughly 10% slower than Haswell or Ivy Bridge. This means they will be at least 2 generations behind Intel and then on a larger process than them as well. I sure hope Zen has some serious core count, energy efficiency, and base clock overhead to warrant a $250 price tag. These are not going to be cheap processors, and they may suck pretty bad compared to Intel's next step.
  15. I love how people are ok with this. Why do you even own Netflix?
  16. Considering how expensive Skylake i7 will be, you won't get an on-par/upgrade for what you could resell that CPU at. You could go the Xeon route (locked i7 equivalents, Xeon 1230/1231 V2/3 or better = i7-4770k/4790k stock clocks or better) since those are generally around $220 and can run fine on decent B85 motherboards/similar rather than spending another $60-$100+ on a decent Z87/Z97/X99. I don't think you'd get more than $240 out of the chip personally, but it's about as fast as a stock i7-4790k. If you were to upgrade, I suggest getting more cores/threads instead of backtracking to qua
  17. @Opcode is quickly becoming my favorite poster.. Without you I'd probably think these forums are doomed to fall into a pit of blindness. Really sucks when like 40-50%+ of the tech community doesn't care and at least 50%+ of the rest are willing to turn a blind eye to stuff like that. Something like either of these would go nice with a new Nvidia propaganda signature for me...
  18. Friendly reminder to all that videocardz is an offshoot of WCCFTech. Same "sources".
  19. It'll win the SpikeTV Video Game Awards award for "Most Cinematic Title of 2015" and continue to not televize pc gaming or non-sponsored awards. Not even joking..
  20. Or click the "Insert image" button that is a picture.
  21. Dude your post is hugely speculative. They're way more likely to be saying 99% of gamers won't buy this card. But for those that do, it'll do everything you want it to. I don't know where the hell OP got 1440p from...
  22. Confused. Isn't that showing product sales for quarters? It's not like the old graphics cards are disappearing. 7970 has been around for ages and is still a perfectly dandy card..
  23. Please don't say that. Making me tear up from the hype/disappointment it will bring.. But this is WCCFTech after all, no reason to care yet!