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  1. So I was browsing through hardware as I normally do, checking for any deals or something worth mentioning. Came across this on the U.S. NCIX website: And these have not sold well at all from pretty much anywhere except Amazon.com, which have had sales as low as around $210 for the 9370, and $249.99 for the 9590. Even then, not too many have been bought. I've kept an eye on these for a while and I'm almost positive this is the first "restock" they've ever done on them. Wish I could ask to be sure, as this is all speculation and I haven't looked in about a month and a half. Why would NCIX or
  2. Yet have had more RMAs reported than Gigabyte's UD boards..?And are less popular with overclocking communities..
  3. Nice showdown once again . Somewhat surprising results, I expected the Windforce card to come ahead overall in your opinion but it makes sense, agreeable points across the board. The Windforce cooler is quite good, so with the rattling and coil whine, I wonder what a 90-100% fan speed overclocked Toxic would sound like in comparison.
  4. Be Quiet! would like to have a word with you . Silent Wings are really good, but expensive. Pure Wings are more than sufficient in some cases and much cheaper usually. Both are very quiet (inaudible with any CPU/GPU cooling solution unless you drop to basically 1000 or less RPM), pushing a lot of air at the same time. Silent Wings I believe are the pressure-optimized versions, whereas Pure Wings is straight-up airflow. Edit: They're supposed to be rated at around 17dB and 1600 RPM at max speed.
  5. Good thing it's basically dead. Why would you link to a reddit post, by the way? Just link the video and source the post for extra discussion, if anything. The video was even removed from that post so the topic is pretty much over now anyway.
  6. There's no point in upgrading to an Ivy Bridge-E CPU or Haswell Gen 1 since they're so closely priced to the Haswell Refresh CPUs but are slower by a 'small', yet considerable amount. Going from Sandy to Haswell-R will make a huge difference in my opinion, especially if you go with an i5. As for the unlocked CPU thing, that's really up to you. If you're spending less than 10-15% more for the i5-4690k over the 4590/4690, it's worth it to overclock if possible but entirely optional. The good part about H97/Z97 chipset motherboards is that they will support the Broadwell/5th gen Intel processors,
  7. I agree with this post entirely, although it's mostly just agreeing with my original anyway . Kind of explains it all, and I didn't really mention that the SSD thing definitely is more of a luxury thing, which is why I added in case fans and a new case since those are completely unnecessary but maybe you'd like to have a nicer-looking pc if everything else is serving you well. The SSD thing definitely will make a huge difference on a daily basis, but you almost never need it as much as a quality GPU or a CPU that isn't slow (yours is low-med range in performance, not terrible but definitely co
  8. Instead of looking at what parts of your computer you have, think about what you're desiring more performance from the most. Is that dual-core i3 working alright for you right now? And Haswell isn't going to perform a ton better, you're still thinking of buying an i3. Is that 7850 serving you well, or do you think you'd like to boost the graphics up a bit? I'm honestly not sure what the i3-2120 can handle for GPUs before it becomes the bottleneck, but I would hazard a guess that the R9 280 is a fine and dandy upgrade within your budget and won't be bottlenecked in most situations. At the
  9. First thing I thought of when I saw the last pic: Honestly, though.. If they know the DCU2 shroud is ugly, I really hope they stop making them. I'm all for rebranding and a color change if it means that happens, even if these Strix products look ridiculous because they're based on an owl's face.. Just don't market them as a different product when almost nothing is changed. That's bull.
  10. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I beat you . http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/156421-jp-research-team-develops-ssd-middlewear-that-improves-speeds-by-300/
  11. I thought people said it was easier than Dark Souls? I've not played either, but I'm keen to try it at some point. My current library is getting a bit stale..
  12. During May 18-21st at the 2014 IEEE International Memory Workshop in Taipei, Taiwan, a research team from Japan led by Professor Ken Takeuchi from Uochi University unveiled a middleware technology for SSDs that improves the NAND flash memory write performance, reduces power consumption and the overall lifespan of devices. Current NAND writing process: And the change: From: http://techon.nikkeibp.co.jp/english/NEWS_EN/20140522/353388/
  13. Much clearer, maybe I misread some things as well but it doesn't matter. I understand you now. Once you read it, I'm basically saying that AMD has more promise than NVidia for their next generation and that's why I believe NVidia is on the back foot, regardless of what the R9/HD 7000 series cards are in comparison to 700-series NVidia. I agree entirely that they may be able to coast along with no real innovation, just straight up performance gains with much lower power consumption like that of the 750Ti. While that may seem innovative, everyone and their mother franchise in the tech cor
  14. Seems like it lacks some compatibility/support here and there but the biggest issues I've found have been bugs. Very annoying but I'm not sure how old this is, how often it's updated or anything. I just found it recently, so.. It's based on Chrome, but it's intended to be faster and more security-based. It's actually phenominal at both but like I said, it has some bugs. Lots of "Instructions not clear; head in ass" situations where it's not exactly user-friendly. Then again, I'm pretty sure it states on reviews (and maybe the Comodo site) that this browser is not intended for the averag
  15. For those wanting a new Ducky keyboard, wait for it... Legend... wait for it..
  16. I only meant cosmetically, it's nothing special. I am a minimalist myself which is why I think I'm digging the 1500 but not the rest. Are there prices on these somewhere? Where'd you get the $70 figure from? If that 3500 costs $70 or less, I'm happy as hell.
  17. I don't know, I don't think the front panel lends itself to the size increase. They're all the same, which makes sense since they're all in the same series, but it feels kind of underwhelming that you're paying more and getting the same product, just larger overall. You buy what you need, I get that as well. It's just.. Yeah. Not fond of the release, it's whatever. Nothing groundbreaking at all.
  18. Your spelling is good and I believe your sentence construction is good as well but I think you lack the ability to construct sentences correctly. Your main post is really hard to understand. One minute you're saying the Radeon HD 7900 cards are underwhelming and the R9 series cards aren't that great either, then towards the end you're saying maybe the 7900 series will be good or someting, and the R9 series is impressive as usual? I'm not sure what you mean at all. The R9 290X does beat out the GTX 780, mostly because of memory bandwidth/VRAM. On the other side of the coin, I feel as
  19. Is it just me or do the cases on that page look progressively worse as they get larger?