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  1. Even if their game is 0% successful, they're still going into the future perpetuating bullshit if nothing is done. Why on earth would you *not* talk about it?
  2. That isn't news... Man they used some saucy words to describe aluminum.
  3. This also means that if AMD prices accordingly compared to merely Haswell processors, they can dominate the CPU market until Intel releases something beyond Kaby Lake. You will either see Intel cut prices or AMD do incredibly well as long as they offer a 4C/4T+ CPU. Skylake, now with SGX encrypted backdooring added and enabled directly on the chip, is officially going to be dead on Zen launch. I just hope DDR4 mimicks the CPU market with that much population of the platform.
  4. 40% IPC on cinebench and shit is equal to at least Ivy Bridge. If they do not OC well, have low base frequency, are locked, and/or have low core count then AMD might lose traction on Zen. The fastest two processors AMD has right now are Excavator-based, they're roughly 30% lower IPC than Haswell/Intel's best offering (4790k), so they require around 40% for Ivy+ equivalency (IPC implies clock-for-clock comparison, remember that). AM4 will support APUs that are based on Excavator, these will come out before Zen is out and be provided on the same platform. I believe they will support DDR4 witho
  5. Actually this is to provide enough product for Asia.
  6. France should sue imagehosts for not paying uploaders the ad revenue for user images on pages with ads.
  7. France is the North Korea of electronic commerce. Valve should countersue.
  8. • Steam's Subscriber Agreement explicitly forbids users to sell their games, despite the transfer of ownership of digital products/licenses being legal. You can gift and share games. There is no point in resale, and I'm not sure if Valve is even breaking a law there; could be misunderstood. It's digital goods, not a physical item. *If* you could resell them, games would become even more worthless. Valve would more likely rather ban France from using Steam than comply with anything that line suggests. I'm not joking, either. • Valve declines responsibility in the event that users' personal
  9. Yo you need to learn how to copy and paste, your text is all sorts of messed up with formatting.
  10. Let me try again. Less bullshit. If that's difficult to understand, or considered a ramble, I don't know what to tell you honestly.
  11. I kind of got a bit out of touch with the objective with my post in previous posts... Re-reading this changed things. You're absolutely right in my opinion. But you need to look from the outside in. Couner-Strike: Global Offensive is way more mainstream and far more acceptable in comparision to this genre (A-RTS/MOBA/Fight Arena (meaning Heroes of the Storm)). Look at its explosive growth. I dislike all counterstrikes, and understand *why* they're popular or held to a higher standard. I'm simply not good at them, and am an RPG player. I reall don't mesh with CSGO players, especially when I m
  12. Some fun facts and history: Did you know two of the big guys of Riot are why all these "other MOBAs" exist? They stole content from the official dota website years and years ago by turning off the servers, removing icefrog (creator and main developer/balancer) and other admins from their privileges (they were admins; it was fixed later, but the damage as done), and stole content that was Dota's but renamed it and *slightly* changed the look of it + added a new map and team objectives. The only reason League of Legends is more popular is because they rushed release due to a 1+ year lack of Dota
  13. 6.83, in all honestly, is not the gamebreaking and game-destroying patch. It started in 6.81b and 6.82. The balance changes are absolutely abysmal, and they were only done because of chinese dominance (think LoL esports, or SC). These players took non-aggression to the absolute maximum level, focusing on efficiency and opportunity. There was still tons of aggression, but now dying is more forgiving. Less-so now than then. I still agree this is a huge downfall of Dota in terms of enjoyability on a higher level. I am only afraid of Valve slowly devaluing the game to the point where they are Bl
  14. Won't go into a balance discussion regarding the game itself, but users may wish to do so for fun. Everyone likes to. While you may think this is is essentially a "MOBA", but semantics really state that League, Smite, Heroes of Newerth, SOADA, and others are copies of League on numerous levels, and factually is the original game / LoL was the copy of it through some seriously skechy behavior. I only mention this because people group all of them together when, really, League decided to designate League as a MOBA based on how it plays. It is/was patented as well. Nonetheless, Dota 2 is just as
  15. Found the Sb6141 for ~$60 w/amazon prime! Much better than the 6121, at least. That's almost doable.. Wow, thanks for the extra post! My current modem is under my desk, off a shelf, not wall-mounted, rug and supported well, and most definitely well-ventilated. The only concern I have is its age; this thing is from 2008 or earlier according to contract. Nevertheless, I'll take care of it well at that price. Is that fine though? I don't have a massive desk but maybe I can make room.
  16. Can the 6121 provide solid connection while maintaining the 50mbps? Consider me a layman. I'm asking a lot from you all but I have less than 9 hours to make a decision and have *no* time with my schedule to manage research right now. I'm not doing nothing all day, and appreciate your advice.
  17. Just updated my thread. Is this actually worth close to $80 if you're potentially struggling, or just something you scrounge random bottles for if you're that desperate? I am serious in a bad way right now and am willing to just drop my internet plan. I do not have good prospects for jobs here. It's really riding on my internet being stable at this point. I know why, I don't blame many people aside from myself aside from my city's poorer state, but I cannot move and have no options. This is my last effort before my life changes. Sorry to go on and on. It's simply that important.
  18. One extra thing: There are some brands that I know are notorious for poor quality. I've used them for routers and have experience with them. Even if it's a modem and not a router, do not bother posting them because of the price. It's not worth it. You're giving bad advice.
  19. Again, not an expert, but does 100/10/1mbps LAN (outside of the ethernet cable) make a difference? Talking LAN port, here. They have prorated my internet bill and activated my 50mbps early, but most definitely am not getting that. I have roughly 21.5-26Mnps,or 2.8 MiBps a.k.a. MBs/s as of this moment, depending on your preference for standard speed. It's been investigated and it should be sorted out regardless once I get the new modem. This is only relevant because I'm afraid of it not being good enough for 50mbps, and I have a feeling they'll try to contract me through verbal contact. Again
  20. I just realized I repeated myself a few times. Really stressed out right now, sorry...
  21. I'm upgrading my internet due to some serious billing issues, and I'll contact them thoroughly about reimbursement tomorrow (this is relevant to the discussion). Now, what options do I have for MODEMS capable of handling 50mbps..? Just an extra bit of info, I cannot afford a higher-end 50mbps+ modem replacement that may cost $80-$200+ unless they backcharge my billing method or possibly give me a service credit. My current, according to customer support, isn't new enough to handle that technology. To be fair, there are many reasons why I wasn't notified of the speed increase for the same d
  22. Resolution might help with stutter and frame dips at certain points but messing with it won't give you higher overall fps.
  23. The supposed group in the OP are probably just riding the coattails of Asia's attacks currently anyway.