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  1. 33 minutes ago, Prysin said:

    the only new thing with @zMeuls post is that there hasnt been a AMD slide looking exactly like that before now.

    All the info however has been known for 3+ months

    Man.. Every Navi-related post has been indicative of a roadmap that exists in this manner. It's not even worth posting in this subforum but guys here allow rumors to be posted in the news section, so it's worth talking about regardless. If only to help people understand what's actually happening even if it's nothing.


    The main body isn't telling of anything and nothing I've said rules out the majority of leaks. Only thing that is 'current' with 'news' is that there have been leaks for months and all of them contradict one-another, but none of the leaks are sourced nor are they updated after conflicting info comes to surface. Anyone can guess memory specs, TDP (Zomg, 100W Fury!), feature count,... I mean, Anandtech does it. It's very easy to do because graphics cards are insanely linear in every way. But I'll be damned if the 480/X is ~27% faster than an R9 Fury in raw compute. Or that an R9 490 is twice as fast as an R9 390 at +/- the same specs.


    Whole point is that.. News doesn't matter. Like.. At all. The best you can do is try to scrutinize an OP and help people understand that literally nothing is different still. Wait til mid May for your real news.

  2. K so I've been incredibly inactive over the past 2+ yrs or so here, never get a chance to post early now.


    Luckily I made it early this time, and I want to point out at least a few likelihoods that people won't know about until release:


    - Polaris 10 is the older arch, developed during Fiji (this goes against everything people have been told)

    - Polaris 11 is the power-hungry

    - Polaris 10 is the lower wattage


    P10: 470 480 490 / TDP 90-220W

    P11: 440 450 460 / TDP <70W

    Vega: 490X/480X/Flagship "Radeon Pro" across-the-board HBM2

    Navi: 500-series / Nextgen memory(?) + power efficiency scaling that people expect currently


    Half-guesses, you could say. I've been following all news and what I've said seems likely if I remember things correctly, but it's nothing more than guessing until release. This time around I think a lot of "leaks" aren't actually real, or they're heavily fabricated (to the point where they're unbelievable/impossible). As in none of it is worth listening to because I've seen some really stupid numbers that suggest the 470 and below would have a *minimum* of +25-50% overall efficiency, and these will be the absolute most worthless cards to buy as soon as they launch until ~1.5 yrs from now with Navi being named some time ago.


    WCCFtech posts like 2 no-fluff, non-leak related blogs and this forum kisses their feet. You see my post and it has as much or more validity to it without posting sources than anything videocardz/etc.leak  sources (all connected to eachother), so people should probably stop shitting the bed every time something is submitted.


    Edit: To me, 400 series is equivalent to the climb before Maxwell that NVidia experienced, while Navi is their Maxwell 2. This means Vega will be powerhouses if NVidia can't match, Polaris will be overrated, and Navi will absolutely revolutionize parts of the tech industry no matter what AMD does.


    Aside from that?... It's official, guys. The race to Moore's Law's wall on GPU dies is coming right this second.

  3. Metro: Last Light runs poorly on many setups. It's always kind of like a modern day Crysis, but for different reasons.


    I'd consider asking on reddit.com/r/amd anyway. This could entirely be a problem with their drivers for Metro: LL, and there's more power users for Fury/Fury X there, as well as a slightly better platform to get AMD's attention. You may even see others having the same issue more immediately than here.

  4. DDU isn't necessary anymore because Crimson clears drivers properly. The only time you should theoretically need it over Crimson if you have a supported GPU is when you fuck things up with OC or something, like with MSi Afterburner and the RivaTuner allows more b.s. to pass through QC (such as back in ~September).


    Have you considered posting your RAM and CPU?

  5. Just now, NateGSR117 said:

    thanks for shortening it for me, I'm just not willing to read that wall of text right now. I'll probably read it later once I have nothing else better to do.

    No worries. It's mostly explaining why/how in closer to layman's terms. I'm not 100% positive I can explain it better/more technically so it might not even be worth reading that wall of text, lol.

  6. 3 minutes ago, NateGSR117 said:

    That great, but what is their motive for doing this? Are they just trying to hop on the band wagon for encryption before the competition get a fighting chance for them sweet, sweet market shares?

    Posted above for you guys. It's because WhatsApp's largest audience is outside of the U.S. and/or Europe, but the top agencies involved in surveillance are from these countries and have shown interest in monitoring foreign citizens through companies that operate in these regions. It's for public relations and doesn't really assist the majority of users with meaningful privacy; Joe Schmoe was never going to get your shit anyway. It's the talented that would, and still can get any of that info. Foreigners are concerned over aggressive U.S. spying for example, and this is a statement that's supposed to appeal to them. In reality, it's much worse than the iPhone situation (imo anyway. At the very least it's just as bad, but it should be easier to crack).

  7. Another thing is hardware microcode* box encryption environments for Skylake+ arch Intel processors. This is the same exact level of shit as Apple's San Bernardino iPhone case, except Intel can submit keys to anyone without the user ever possibly finding out. This also means your hardware can be hijacked from the deepest level if your entry key is ever grabbed, and cannot be "removed" since it is encrypting the processes themselves. Think about how dangerous that will be if compromised for a second. It cannot/should not be used in business or corporate environments.



    IIRC it looks like this kind of: Data source >Entry key> [Encrypted "box" environment] >Exit key> <Entry Key< >Exit Key> Destination.


    This means that once malware or anything like that is inside the box, they control where the information can go entirely.


    *This is done on the absolute deepest level possible (which I don't know if microcode is the right term for) so it can't be completely removed. Haswell cannot have this technology but every architecture after Skylake will have it AFAIK unless Intel makes something completely new. So it doesn't even matter if you use encrypted services, your Intel hardware is already capable of telling the whole story (and more).



    Originally this was only on Core i7+ if I recall, but a forced update about 2 months ago added it to everything down to Celerons and Atoms based on Skylake i7. Intel can disable the "service" of it, but it can be reinitiated so it's actually infinitely safer to always be enabled even if Intel *could* let gov't in or you could be hijacked without any control over what the malware does. This is why the update was released, not sure if it's good bad news or extremely bad news.

  8. On ‎4‎/‎6‎/‎2016 at 2:30 AM, MrDynamicMan said:

    Guess they decided it would be easier to enable end to end and gain rep from that, than try to find marketable themes from whatsapp chats. 

    Actually it's a falsified publicity stunt to keep their international market alive with all the concern about NSA or other government agencies. Don't think it's about positive reputation as much as reducing very negative reputation. WhatsApp was found to be used in a lot of criminal incidents and has a huge eastern audience, so it stands to reason that intelligence agencies will follow them.


    What nobody is talking about is that it's **only** end-to-end encryption, meaning your phone and the recieving one will be the only things decrypting keys, but as it passes through WhatsApp possession, they have the capability of revoking and replacing an encryption key with another. This means WhatsApp can both 'solve' the encryption and decode messages, and know where they are going by sourcing the second, replacement key. All it takes is a government subpoena or whatever and their encryption is completely thwarted.



    There was a recent case of this happening somewhere but I don't remember what it was for. The reason this exists is because WhatsApp was told what they can and cannot do, and the company involved in the encryption method could not make it work properly with full encryption, WhatsApp ends up opting for the quicker and easier method entirely.

  9. Just now, Xorbot said:

    Lol, Loved the satirical/joke post.  Very entertaining!

    Microsoft pulling out of the "console" market doesn't mean they have lost. They have tech that can replace consoles as we know them, they'll eat up a huge portion of the market without any direct competition whatsoever. They say the future of gaming is VR, 80's all over again. VR will be a phase, people will demand a better experience as they use the technology, and it will die out yet again.


    I enjoy your sarcasm though. It just shows how oblivious people are to tech advancements and what can actually happen given the right opportunities. Microsoft is rich enough to buy their opportunities through ingenuity and brute force though. People still buy PS4s and Nintendos specifically to play their Harvest Moon, Mario, SOCOM or whatever yet again. The practice of sequeling stagnates in every other market. They're lucky they haven't been obsoleted.


    I see parallels with this in the PC gaming industry as well. There's very few PC titles worth talking about in 2016 and hardware keeps going between little-to-no improvement and being more expensive than ever before. How much longer before we're back to 30 years ago entirely?

  10. 3 hours ago, alamox said:

    personnaly i think theis last gen console was release either 2 years late or 2 years early, they should have released in 2012 with the same spec, or wait to 2016 to release with polaris, the funny thing is that nintendo had a good schedule for release, but unlucky fans, nintendo thinks it's funny to diffirentiate itself from the concurence by giving lower perf and being more (innovative with controllers)

    a console need to release with a die shrink, especialy with one as significant as 28>14nm, otherwise they cant link console/pc ports

    The reason it was released at the time is because AMD made it economically viable. Perhaps in the near future, Intel could be involved in consoles, but Puma/Jag cores and the fundamentals of the APU kind of made the whole thing possible in the first place. Otherwise you'd see even larger consoles that would basically be PCs unless you pulled strings similarly to Apple and made ultra-proprietary hardware with everything under the hood. In which case, you either destroy any profit margin or lose money, or it costs twice as much as it should to be considered consumer-friendly pricing.



    The next 2 generations will be the most important for all consoles. I would hope that Microsoft does not try to make a release for the same *year* as Sony or Nintendo specifically because they're all oversaturating the market with the same level of technology. They have to remain competitive and the best they can do is +/- match eachoher. There's also literally less of a point to make a new console the longer you wait. Tech good enough for the job will get cheaper but the demands will be even higher, especially as PC climbs even further ahead of consoles. Not only all of the above, I would assume Microsoft would just completely ignore consoles as we know them and go fully into AR and separate home entertainment systems that more closely meet the goals and expectations they outlined with the Xbox One.



    Honestly, I think Microsoft won the "console war" at this point. If you think about it, Sony is setting up a pretty bad VR market for themselves. They're releasing a revision of the PS4, not a PS5-level product. They have destroyed their online platform, becoming what they said they wouldn't.  They've dumped so much money into making sure their product was the one bought more often, but Microsoft has probably ten times or more the capital for anything they please. Microsoft also has an exclusive technology that can replace VR without being VR, and is not limited to very specific games and stuff.


    Sony/Nintendo are fucked, in my opinion, regardless of what's going to come in the next 2 gens. But these 2 gens will define the market.



  11. On ‎4‎/‎4‎/‎2016 at 11:25 PM, Blade of Grass said:

    Oh you have a datadump? Link?

    He doesn't. He's less than bullshitting, straight up lying. Specifically because it's nigh impossible for him to own the raw documents (others more important and far more capable don't even own them), and definitely doesn't have nor will he ever have the ones processed through ICIJ.

  12. 3 hours ago, asim1999 said:

    Certainly will!

    I am currently on X99 but might switch to AMD in the coming years if the CPUs and motherboards are up to snuff 

    It's more likely AMD's AM4 and beyond will be more bleeding edge than current Intel platforms. Intel will be attempting to catch up in that regard while AMD is surely going to plan on using everything they can to sell the new architecture to everyone.



    For example, I believe AM4 will have the most recent Thunderbolt, USB 3.1+, etc.

  13. https://np.reddit.com/r/PanamaPapers/comments/4dbb7q/how_relevant_is_the_panama_fta_to_the_lack_of_us/


    The 2012 Panama Free Trade Act by the U.S. government eased trading of U.S. goods to Panama.


    It also included explicit agreements that allow investors in Panama more rights to law transparency and the right to hold the U.S. government accountable for investigations of these private investments that they feel are in violation of the agreements. Does that explain the lack of United States entities included in any media release thus far? How much information will be hidden directly because of the U.S. government's law in favor of Panama foreign investment?



    Note that this does not protect Panama from other government investigations, and other governments can target the U.S. as well. That is unless they have similar agreements in place. Can someone help find more information? Share the Panama FTA link with people so we can find out what's going on.


    2 hours ago, NumLock21 said:

    Just curious as to how long it would take to read 2.6TB of text, if there was no pictures. graphics, or other things.  :D


    Put it this way. The Hillary Clinton declassified/nonclassified emails are publicly available on a government website as per investigation rules. That leak is extremely tiny. It took me like an hour to look through maybe 400 emails. I was skimming for the most part and the majority of them are less than 300 words.


    I can read about 200-300+ pages per hour on an average word density book with 600+ pages when trying to fly through filler, but to actually read 2.6TB worth of files as raw text would take an individual weeks/months, dedicated.


    6 hours ago, MrDynamicMan said:

    I disagree completely. I'm looking forward to many politicians being unseated. 

    Question now is Donald ze Fuhrer on the list. 

    Why would you be worried about him being on the list at all? He's not even in government yet. He's not insanely wealthy and has less connections than the majority of people revealed initially. Stop caring about people that don't matter yet.


    And don't do the ad hominem routine. This is a very serious situation, but maybe you're too young to understand the level of importance here. Real discussions without bullshit being thrown in matter a lot right now.

  14. 13 minutes ago, Prysin said:

    Fx9 isnt even remotely close to a 5930k even in productivity software that can use all the cores/threads 

    "Then came the 9xxx series, for overclockers, which was kinda a mistake.  The 8320=9370 & 8350=9590 just factory OCed."


    'Pretty sure the 9370 and 9590 were sort of equivalent to an Intel i7-5930k in terms of their place on the board', as in their SKU. They are not simply overclocked Bulldozer+ FX-8000 processors. They were sold as prosumer+ chips, like the 5930k and such. And more than just "on average" they have higher IPC than FX-8000/6000/4000. The only chip I know of that can beat them in IPC from AMD are the 860k/7860k+ (most recent 4-core FM2+ Excavators).

  15. Forgot to post that I expect:



    Low voltage and standard parts for desktop.


    8C/T, 95W, 3.7-4.2ghz turbo. OCing to 4.6+. Pricing at $339.99

    8C/T, 65W, 2.9-3.3ghz turbo. Why would you OC? Pricing at $269.99

    4-core chips that run at same wattage but higher default clocks, lower turbo. OC probably far more mild. $129.99-$179.99


    No idea what to expect below $120-$150.


    I am almost 100% sure AMD plans to try and sell as many low-end and top-end + low voltage parts as possible. The middle-of-the-road shit, i.e. ~i5 territory, they'd probably leave alone. I also expect them to go deep on OEM sales in return for what they will fail to sell to consumers initially. I hope they plan on buying some advertisement on television and such for this event as well..

  16. 7 hours ago, valdyrgramr said:

    Then came the 9xxx series, for overclockers, which was kinda a mistake.  The 8320=9370 & 8350=9590 just factory OCed.  On one hand you're getting more speed, but on the other hand they did kinda wasted money on that.  The 9xxx chips were nice for their target, and ya I did buy one, but at the same time they lost more money on that than they made for "higher clock speeds".

    Pretty sure the 9370 and 9590 were sort of equivalent to an Intel i7-5930k in terms of their place on the board.


    That and the 9370/9590 are binned chips just like the 860k.

  17. I also agree on another forum's general consensus that these are probably OEM/for laptops. I'd be surprised if they were desktop hardware, I guess, but the prices stated on those shipping orders make me believe they're not mobile/low power. I would think if they were mobile they'd either be cheaper or much more expensive, depending on which GPUs they're meant to be. It looks typical for desktop AMD based on the pictures,a but I'd have to go back at the older posts of shipping order posts / news to be sure.

  18. OP, nice sensationalism...

    Time Warner customer here. None of what the OP said happened. 350k~ customers' emails were leaked or data warehouse partners were breached, leaking info on the TWC.com accounts' emails. They used this to find more phishing emails to send out. Time Warner/Time Warner CABLE wasn't hacked.

    A *very* small number of people were affected, and likely would be from other phishing scams regardless. Your info is safe unless you opened a sketchy email. Normal browsing wouldn't be affected..