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  1. Man.. Every Navi-related post has been indicative of a roadmap that exists in this manner. It's not even worth posting in this subforum but guys here allow rumors to be posted in the news section, so it's worth talking about regardless. If only to help people understand what's actually happening even if it's nothing. The main body isn't telling of anything and nothing I've said rules out the majority of leaks. Only thing that is 'current' with 'news' is that there have been leaks for months and all of them contradict one-another, but none of the leaks are sourced nor are they updat
  2. K so I've been incredibly inactive over the past 2+ yrs or so here, never get a chance to post early now. Luckily I made it early this time, and I want to point out at least a few likelihoods that people won't know about until release: - Polaris 10 is the older arch, developed during Fiji (this goes against everything people have been told) - Polaris 11 is the power-hungry - Polaris 10 is the lower wattage P10: 470 480 490 / TDP 90-220W P11: 440 450 460 / TDP <70W Vega: 490X/480X/Flagship "Radeon Pro" across-the-board HBM2 Navi: 5
  3. Metro: Last Light runs poorly on many setups. It's always kind of like a modern day Crysis, but for different reasons. I'd consider asking on reddit.com/r/amd anyway. This could entirely be a problem with their drivers for Metro: LL, and there's more power users for Fury/Fury X there, as well as a slightly better platform to get AMD's attention. You may even see others having the same issue more immediately than here.
  4. DDU isn't necessary anymore because Crimson clears drivers properly. The only time you should theoretically need it over Crimson if you have a supported GPU is when you fuck things up with OC or something, like with MSi Afterburner and the RivaTuner allows more b.s. to pass through QC (such as back in ~September). Have you considered posting your RAM and CPU?
  5. No worries. It's mostly explaining why/how in closer to layman's terms. I'm not 100% positive I can explain it better/more technically so it might not even be worth reading that wall of text, lol.
  6. Posted above for you guys. It's because WhatsApp's largest audience is outside of the U.S. and/or Europe, but the top agencies involved in surveillance are from these countries and have shown interest in monitoring foreign citizens through companies that operate in these regions. It's for public relations and doesn't really assist the majority of users with meaningful privacy; Joe Schmoe was never going to get your shit anyway. It's the talented that would, and still can get any of that info. Foreigners are concerned over aggressive U.S. spying for example, and this is a statement that's suppo
  7. Another thing is hardware microcode* box encryption environments for Skylake+ arch Intel processors. This is the same exact level of shit as Apple's San Bernardino iPhone case, except Intel can submit keys to anyone without the user ever possibly finding out. This also means your hardware can be hijacked from the deepest level if your entry key is ever grabbed, and cannot be "removed" since it is encrypting the processes themselves. Think about how dangerous that will be if compromised for a second. It cannot/should not be used in business or corporate environments. IIRC it
  8. Actually it's a falsified publicity stunt to keep their international market alive with all the concern about NSA or other government agencies. Don't think it's about positive reputation as much as reducing very negative reputation. WhatsApp was found to be used in a lot of criminal incidents and has a huge eastern audience, so it stands to reason that intelligence agencies will follow them. What nobody is talking about is that it's **only** end-to-end encryption, meaning your phone and the recieving one will be the only things decrypting keys, but as it passes through WhatsApp pos
  9. This will be the best technology available to you if you're ever in a prolonged earthquake. Great work NVidia.
  10. They're recalling their SHIELDs right now, even.. It's hilarious that this popped up in the news.
  11. Microsoft pulling out of the "console" market doesn't mean they have lost. They have tech that can replace consoles as we know them, they'll eat up a huge portion of the market without any direct competition whatsoever. They say the future of gaming is VR, 80's all over again. VR will be a phase, people will demand a better experience as they use the technology, and it will die out yet again. I enjoy your sarcasm though. It just shows how oblivious people are to tech advancements and what can actually happen given the right opportunities. Microsoft is rich enough to buy their oppor
  12. The reason it was released at the time is because AMD made it economically viable. Perhaps in the near future, Intel could be involved in consoles, but Puma/Jag cores and the fundamentals of the APU kind of made the whole thing possible in the first place. Otherwise you'd see even larger consoles that would basically be PCs unless you pulled strings similarly to Apple and made ultra-proprietary hardware with everything under the hood. In which case, you either destroy any profit margin or lose money, or it costs twice as much as it should to be considered consumer-friendly pricing.
  13. He doesn't. He's less than bullshitting, straight up lying. Specifically because it's nigh impossible for him to own the raw documents (others more important and far more capable don't even own them), and definitely doesn't have nor will he ever have the ones processed through ICIJ.
  14. It's more likely AMD's AM4 and beyond will be more bleeding edge than current Intel platforms. Intel will be attempting to catch up in that regard while AMD is surely going to plan on using everything they can to sell the new architecture to everyone. For example, I believe AM4 will have the most recent Thunderbolt, USB 3.1+, etc.
  15. https://np.reddit.com/r/PanamaPapers/comments/4dbb7q/how_relevant_is_the_panama_fta_to_the_lack_of_us/ The 2012 Panama Free Trade Act by the U.S. government eased trading of U.S. goods to Panama. It also included explicit agreements that allow investors in Panama more rights to law transparency and the right to hold the U.S. government accountable for investigations of these private investments that they feel are in violation of the agreements. Does that explain the lack of United States entities included in any media release thus far? How much information will be hidde