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  1. i did it. ordered asrock b450m pro4, ryzen 3 3200g (or 2200g) pics are confusing, and 16gb of ram. i got better value than the i3 as well. on my bday, i will probably get a 1650/1060. are those cards ok for the ryzen 3?
  2. sexy build m8 i have that same monitor
  3. i was just thinking that later i'd get a 1060 or 1650 and the i3 would not bottleneck either of em that much and im pretty sure i could run rsmb using gpu acceleration and premiere and stuff pretty well
  4. ok the price of the i5 went up like 50 bucks so now i have to get the i3 or nothing. its 4 cores 4 threads so it should be fine? also do you know what rsmb is?
  5. i have a case thats called the thermaltake versa h18, thermaltake smart 500w psu, and wd blue 2.5 inch 500gb ssd
  6. also the i5 is 220 bucks right now, so its way over my budget
  7. also does this look legit to you? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002217747335.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.4f96c5c9WedkkP&algo_pvid=825afa6e-c2f5-4642-b160-e5bfa778ca6a&algo_exp_id=825afa6e-c2f5-4642-b160-e5bfa778ca6a-0
  8. too lazy to link the parts list, so i have an i3 10100 with uhd 630 4 core 4 thread cpu, asus prime b460m-a, and corsair vengeance rgb pro 16gb ram
  9. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ is this okay still? i downgraded the cpu to a 10100, but it still has the same igpu, just less cores and threads. will it still do the things i want it to do?
  10. I am running on a fps boosting pvp client which basically doubles my frames, so fps wise I should be good. I also run 1.8.9 because I pvp.
  11. that is 30 dollars over my budget though time to get 2 more months of allowance Edit: is all the ram for mc or premiere because minecraft... lets just say you can run it on basically any computer