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  1. I have an old hard drive that I want to reuse as a game storage but it is a ZFS from a linux machine. I don't really care about the drive content. So, If there is a software that I can use or a way to factory reset the drive I will very much appreciate it
  2. The thing is I tried lan and the speed is roughly like 700 mbps also as a side note my s21 ultra only gets around 60 as well Ps. Oem has 2 antenna
  3. since my wifi router is an all in one fiber/ transmitter box from the networking company. Can any one please suggest a wifi router for me that can cover around 100 square meter radius ( must work with 1000 mbps speed) because right now I pay for 1000 mbps internet but only getting around 35 on my laptop (gs75 stealth with Killer Wireless-AC 1550i) and I am sitting next to the wifi router