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  1. Too late for that now lol, I also thought about giving him the money he spent as parting it out might come close back to that price, just to eliminate the noise.
  2. It just sucks waiting so long for a card, building water-cooled to keep it quiet, then boom coil whine. Friend B is big sad, I would obviously never attempt something of this nature.
  3. Aren't they only on the actual case/cooling part of the card? Would switching just the physical board be noticeable?
  4. Hey guys made an account specifically to post this. Let's say my friend(friend A) bought a creator pc with a nice 3090 in it. Let's also say another friend(friend B) has the same 3090, but he water-cooled his and friend B's card developed a coil whine. If friend A was returning his PC within the return period do you think NZXT would notice if friend B's card got put in friend A's housing and case and returned like that? Both cards work fine, friend B is just trying to get rid of the coil whine.