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  1. I mean, there are brands that do that. The LG Ultraseries line of monitors all basically look the same, but come with different panels. But they only have one 4K model with 27" and that one does up to 144Hz. That makes it more expensive and i dont want to spent extra, if i am already gonna have a 240Hz monitor. The monitors i'm talking about are the 27GN750 and the 27GN950 from LG.
  2. I recently build my new system with a RTX 3080 FE and a Ryzen 9 5900X. At the moment i'm running two 23" 60Hz monitors from 8 years ago which cost around 100€ (110$) at the time of buying. Now its time to also upgrade my monitors to something more suitable to the system that i'm running. I'm not sure if the title is conclusive enough or if it is even understandable.:D I'm looking to keep a two monitor setup, but i want to get one 1080p 240Hz panel for competitive titles like Counter Strike and one 4K 60Hz panel for watching streams and Youtube and maybe some AAA titles if i e
  3. Yes, i saw that. The LL's i can get for 70€ a set right now. The QL's are 100€ for a set of 3. But they look much better. And i think i will use all of the 6 fans as intakes.
  4. I think i will go for them. I found a decent deal on them, 79.49€ for a set of 3 including the LED controller and the hub. Had to increase my budget a little but i didnt like most of the budget oriented options. I still don't quite like how they look from the back but i didnt really find any that look much better form the back in the same price range. I like them much better from the front but i already have 3 exhaust fans and i want to be the case pressure to be negative to minimize the dust in my system. And i couldn't find any reverse (or inverse? no idea what they would be call
  5. I got a temperature sensor with my motherboard. I could install that but i think its overkill and my system wont be running particularly hot anyways. I dont worry about my GPU or CPU running hot.
  6. Ohh okay, couldn't find information on that from any seller. Everywhere it only said Pack of 3 fans. I'm still unsure where i would have to plug them in. Do the ARGB header also do the PWM signal to the fans? Or do the fans have two cables coming off of them and i plug the secong one into the 4 pin Chassis Fan header? And do those even do PWM depending on like CPU or GPU temperatur? Man so many questions i guess i will have to study the manual some more tommorow.
  7. I will definitly consider them. I only need 6 though But i would also need a hub to plug them all into as well. But i'm still open to other suggestions
  8. I'm not exactly sure about the difference but i assume ARGB means i can control the colors and patters of the LEDs through software and with RGB just through a remote or something. In this case i want ARGB fans I want to be able to control patterns and colors as well as the speed in relation to temperatures.
  9. In the manual it says 2 adressable AURA Gen2-Header and 2 AURA RGB Header. and i have no other RGB devices in my system. And i'm not planning on it. If i would get those i would also need a recommendation for a hub as well
  10. They crossed my way as well. But i saw that they are rated for 40000 hours which is around 4,5 years. My old system has been around with me for a little over 8 years by now and i think the new one will stay for a while as well And one of the old fans's started to wear out and it got loud, so i disconnected it. And another one has done that a year ago as well. I'm lazy when it comes to maintenence on my PC. Other than dusting it two or 3 times a year, everything else is to much effort for me . I dont want to have to replace fans every once in a while as they die.
  11. I've seen those. And i like how they look and the performance seems good too, but i was looking for something a little more budget friendly. 2 Sets of these would set me back around 200€. And i cant quite figure out what the Lightning Node Pro does. Do i still need the Commander Pro if i want to PWM control all 6 case fans with it?
  12. I Just build my new system in a Lian Li O11 Dynamic and i want to populate it with 6 RGB PWM fans in addition the the 3 fans of the Be Quiet Pure Loop 360. I'm looking for recommendations on six fans with a hub. I'm looking to spend around 100€ (120USD) I dont think they need to be top notch performance since i will have 9 fans in the case at that point. I'd rather have it silent since i'm sitting right next to it and watch streams or movies on my TV via the PC. I'm running a 5900X with the AIO and something along the lines of a 6800XT or a 3080 if i can get my hands on one for anything