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  1. Yes there is a WDS setting and i am able to connect dls to dsl router using mac address but my new fiber connection doesnot have WDS setting. my DSL modem router doesn't support scan and connect feature in WDS so i am searching for any idea to connect Fiber modem to my DSL Old modem router.
  2. I have a router of TP-LINK 150Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router . i was using this router as a modem in my house but i recently upgrade my broadband connection and now this DSL router is useless for while and i did some search on internet i was came to know that to make Repeater i need two DSL router . I want to know is there any way to configure DSL with latest Modem wirelessly which have only function of adding mac address to connect wirelessly but in different manner like this photo... provide me any solution.... If You guyz need more information about router i will al