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    I use Linux, I like coding games, Rubik's cubes and card magic.

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  1. I like App Images because they embrace what they are, and they do it well. Otherwise I prefer native packages. Snap requires systemd, so that's a no for me. Flatpak is too limiting for certain things
  2. Try to use the hd option, that might help. The app is pretty bare bones in the free version, and sometimes it might have stuff like that. I believe there are other apps that might work better, but I can't think of one atm.
  3. Managing dotfiles has always been quite annoying to me. But thankfully, I never really had a reason to do it too often. If I had to, all I did was tar my whole .config and copy the file to and external drive. That works fine, but it’s not the best way to backup the constant changes I usually do to customize the way my programs look or act, and as a customization freak, that happens quite often. I had seen many different ways to backup dotfiles: git bare repos, yadm, symlinking scripts, and of course, GNU Stow. All of these methods have their up and downs, but in the end, stow co
  4. Seems like nobody has suggested it yet. You should really consider trying an aliasing email service. In case you don't know, an email alias basically forwards your emails from a random address given to you (or chosen by you, depending on the service), like "random5846@simplelogin.co" to your main email account. If you use Firefox as a web browser, Firefox Relay works quite well. However there is something even better. https://simplelogin.io It is an open source alias service that gives you 15 aliases for free, its extremely good and you should try it out. And the paid version
  5. Open source is definitely a positive, I would have gone for bitwarden, but as I type this I realize that this post is quite old. What did you end up going for?
  6. I mean, AI can only output whatever you input into it, if I placed *every* title of every video you consider clickbait, it might work for you, but then a lot of people would still be seeing some different kind of clickbaity videos that are not within your set parameters. I guess that some extension with a bunch of costomizable keywords and sliders that allow you to set a level of "acceptance" per word, so you still get videos with words like "BELIEVE" but an amount according to your tolerance. Sounds like an interesting project to overtake, maybe someone gets inspired soon enough.
  7. There might exist one, or it might be possible to create one. SponsorBlock is an extension that blocks the sponsor segments of videos, skipping them. They are submitted by the users and you can also upload your own when not available. I assume a similar concept applied to clickbait might exist. But what qualifies as clickbait its pretty subjective compared to ads and sponsors, so even if it exists I don't think it will be very reliable
  8. Did you manage to fix this problem? Maybe your page margins are wrong
  9. I used to work doing something similar, more building rather than fixing. The slowest part was waiting for the installation, drivers and such. If you can, try and clone a fully setup drive so all you need to do is plug it in and test how it goes. I would keep fixing 2 computers quickly, but thats up to you!
  10. If you want to keep *all* of the data you have to clone the drive, you cant do this (or at least not commonly) when the system is turned on, you have to use something like Clonezilla My recommendation would be to just reinstall the system and the copy your .config and important folders to the new drive, but I like starting from scratch, so yeah, clone the drive to get it all as it currently is. There might be some problems with the fstab, but nothing too serious, just ask again if something happens
  11. If that's the case you should not even install it. Try to get Lubuntu working. I personally prefer Endeavor OS which is arch based, but I have also used MX LInux and Void Linux succesfully
  12. I believe that a used laptop with a super noob distro like Elementary OS or Linux mint might be better and its at least worth the price. If he doesnt thinker with it I doubt it can break
  13. I can see that, I apologize, but I still think I bring up some valid points That's fair, but if you moved away from Firefox, that implies to me you moved from them to something Chromium based, unless you use Webkit which is worse. What browser do you use then? After reading your post I guess you are right, you did not say they are making a business out of it. I just think that Mozilla is at least aware of the image they have gotten from the community of privacy aware people. I hope they don't worsen even more. I didn't mean to try and turn everyone against you in an
  14. What are you even talking about? Firefox tracks less than Chrome, and most distro mantainers disable it all anyways (Windows probably doesnt, but why would they lol). Besides tracking is not inherently a bad thing, it can be done to improve UX, but I will give you that Mozilla seems to ignore most suggestions anyways lol If you are afraid someone wants to identify you, you should not be writing stuff in public forums. And as I said, tracking is not inherently bad, and they are clear about what they collect anyways. Besides how much information can they collect if you turn the tr
  15. Yeah, thats why you reverse the video so it looks like you are still going forward, it will look kinda trippy, which I dont think its a bad thing xD