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  1. 3060ti from amazon jp called galakuro gaming and in my research i found it is the exact same card as GALAX 1 click oc (non EX version) Checking the bios it has 200w power limit and cannot be raised any longer. (FE power limit is 220w) 6600xt strix card which for some reason is the cheapest 6600xt i could find in my country
  2. I was checking tomshardware's review on 6600xt and they seem to think 8 gb vram is on the low side. Now i dont think that is the case for gaming currently but when 1060 3gb came out it was enough yet years later now 3gb vram causes the card to not get full potential on most games. What do you guys think? Will games use more than 8gb of ram in the 5-7 year future?
  3. it does, although playing with it a little too much i actually broke the switch. I think i just accept what i got and settle with an underclocked card as nothing seems to help
  4. I did a bit more testing and i found out gpu crashes the second power draw hits 150W I have a really uneducated and dumb theory but hear me out: After a bit of googling i learned pci-e provides 150W and motherboard provides 75 for a total of 225 wats. My pcie cable splits into 2 on the gpu end consisting of 2x (6+2) connections. Rx 580 only has a single 8 pin connector so basically one of the 6+2 connector is hanging out. Could it be that psu tries to power both the ends evenly and causing me to end up with 75W less then it should? O0or its just a bios issue... plz cure my irrogance
  5. I had a similar problem with rx 580 and underclocking it fixed it. Not ideal but it worked for me. Still trying to figure out why exactly it happens. OP:
  6. So this is kind of a follow up topic to one i created a while ago: Currently i have 2 issues: 1. The normal clock speed for this specific card is 1386 but when set to 1386 whether manually or set to automatic by radeon settings it crashes the driver while gaming or running superposition before the temperatures hit even 75 degrees. Basically after the first scene. To combat this i set the clock speed to 1340 and now it is running fine. The card is xfx rx580. Specific model of the card from the box is below and i can confirm it is the same with the sticker on the card, i just d
  7. Anyone able to comment on the rear exhaust use? Because the cpu has 2 fans and is quite close to the rear anyways i feel rear exhaust may just be arbitrary. Or the cpu coolers exhaust fan might be arbitrary? Impression i get from the research i have done* ( *youtube videos) is that stacking 2 fans blowing in the same direction doesnt really make sense?????
  8. Oh, yeah i did not realize it looked that bad lol. I ordered some thermal pads for my gpu and i am waiting for them to arrive so i can do em all at once
  9. I got a 14mm intake fan on the front and a 12mm exhaust fan currently. I have on hand another 14mm fan that i am thinking of installing but i am not sure where. Heres a picture of my system currently: I feel like it is either 4 ( For possibly more flow to cpu) or 1 but if i do 1 i will probably be removing rear exhaust fan and then i will have a 12mm fan on hand to install somewhere else. ( Which would be 5 i guess?) The exhaust fan on the picture is the stock 12mm fan and it runs significantly slower than the cpu fans on high load at 950~ RPM so im not sure if it does
  10. does anyone know why the post with the picture was removed? I had my eye on it for a while now and decided to actually go for it but the picture isnt there, anyone have any info on this?
  11. Very late update: For anyone having this problem and looking for a fix, underclocking the gpu by about 10% on radeon software fixed the problem for me. Looks like it was the gpu afterall xD Thanks to everyone for helping!
  12. A late update here: The problem only happens in certain games and not others. ones that happened are: pso2, wow ones that didnt happen: eso, cod cold war, killing floor 2 weird
  13. It happened again with the same 1000 and 1002 error codes. I dont know what to do anymore
  14. After running ddu on safe mode and reinstalling drivers problem seems to be fixed. Although because it is pretty random im not sure. If it happens again i will update. If i dont you know it has been fixed. Thank you!
  15. so after my last post it has happened twice so far. I managed to record the temps and voltages and such from the gpu drivers app. Found absolutely nothing that stands out as a big spike in terms of anything. Digging more into the event viewer i found an error under app section involving radeon software. I would copy it straight away here but it is not in english so heres an attempt to make it understandable: I tried lining the times of this error occuring with the kernel 41 error under system section aaaaand... Nothing. It seems pretty random as one is listed at a time where