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  1. Memory compatibility could also be an issue. I bought some 2400Mhz Avexir Core Red RAM and windows go to blue screen once in a while, it got so bad it corrupted some of the data windows have and the blue screen happens everytime I start windows to the point I am forced to install a new windows. I just changed my RAM to the ones recommended in QVL of my motherboard and the bluescreen doesn't happen anymore. Try checking the QVL of your motherboard and see if the RAM you're using are the compatible ones. In my case the ram with the lowest speed in the QVL is 2666MHz while I used 2400MHz ones. Tr
  2. I paired my r5 3600 with a Scythe Mugen 5 Black Edition. The temps under 100% load after 30 minutes of stressing the CPU is around 83oC. I am using the kaze flex fan and the thermal paste that comes with the cooler. Is this normal? I expected better temperature than this. I'd be grateful if anyone with the same cpu+cooler combination could share their temps under load. Thanks in advance.
  3. Kato Boi here, so there is this strange case where I got a blue screen after my PC idles for some time, at least until the screen turns black. When I woke the pc up from idle state it goes into blue screen after a short while around 10 seconds after waking up. This happens after I upgraded my PC. Changed my motherboard, processor, RAM. Changed from ddr 3 intel to ddr4 AMD Strangely this only happens at PC startup. If I were to use the pc at startup there will be no problem as long as I do not left it idle. I can game for hours without problem. It's like everything is ok after the P