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  1. Maybe I'm missing some drivers or something on my motherboard? Thought from what I gather it's meant to be compatible with the gtx 970 so maybe that's a dead end
  2. I've tried in both slots and with two separate cards now. Thing is though when I use the gt 710 it works fine so it can't be the slots fault anyway. But no I don't have any other pc to test on.
  3. I've recently been trying to build a new gaming pc for my sister, but so far I could only get a gt 710 which isn't exactly to modern standards. So instead of waiting for anything to come out on official sites I've been trying to buy a gpu on ebay, specifically a gtx 970 gaming 4g. Problem is that from the two cards I've tested and tried to incorporate into the build both have brought my system into a vga error and no boot or display. (The two cards both being gtx 970s) Is this a common problem for these cards to be defective on ebay or am I doing something wrong here?