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  1. okay i decided i will go with an AMD Radeon R7 265 because with both this gpu and my current cpu only takes about 275 watts maximum and its still bettern than the one i have right now which is and amd radeon HD 4550
  2. hm so what you are telling me is that i should upgrade my cpu rather than my gpu ?
  3. i mean im just lookin for a good gpu that doesnt bottleneck with my cpu since i dont play graphics card heavy games, i just need a better card than the one i have
  4. im running on windows 7 ultra, i dont have enough power to buy another computer so im try to upgrade this one and are you sure that 750 ti or 660 works great with this cpu ?
  5. i dont ususally play triple A games and the games i play are usually just terraria,EuroTruckSimulator 2 and Team Fortress 2, oh also here's the computer specs i usually get around 12 fps on terraria but on other games like ets2 or team fortress 2 they run smoothly, but i need to lower the graphics settings on terraria to at least get it to run