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  1. Oh, exactly. Cant do anything about it. Thanks for all the help, appreciate it, really.
  2. I do have warranry but what the hell will i say in store? Whats my justification? I say "hey the osu is breaking my pc" they say "no it isnt" and then what?
  3. And theres nothing i can do like a karen? Like say, complain to the store that the psu they sold me broke my pc?
  4. But im saying is that of the rtx is broken, will ot break a new psu? Im not looking on prices. I've seen tbat the whisper is really good. Thats all i want, quality
  5. Wow... will do. I was going to anyway based on my "belief" that it was it, lucky guess i guess, now will replace it for a bitfenix 650w whisper for sure. Thanks. Btw, where has it been tested and how known? Edit: another btw. So my rtx is ruined. If i buy the new psu, can it ruin the psu isntead if i place my broken rtx? behaving kind of like a virus? Or will the rtx work fine? I know its dumb questions, i just gotta make sure and im a noob
  6. I assumed it killed my Rtx. Its the only possibility but i cant know for sure. Is there a way to know for sure? It was the only possibility i could come across and its the only poop hardware i have, the rest is fine
  7. But can i really say 100% its the psu killing it? Is there something i can "test" it with and say "yes, its definetly the psu"?
  8. The title and the video ( https://youtube.com/shorts/8rKO0lbseB4?feature=share ) I just filmed a bit of it but basically the fan stays in max speed forever and pc doesnt turn on. I have to do what the title says. BiG NOTE: This is a GTX 960 I am using due to my RTX 2070 being broken after a year only (very bad/unstable performance). Still awating warranty response... My suspicion is that my PSU killed my rtx. Witht that said, after a week of the gtx using the same psu as (ithink) pooped up the rtx, it started having this problem. Can anyone confi
  9. Currently my pc is on the shop, will do when it returns. Compare the score? With what?
  10. Forgot to mention my SSD which is a Samsung 1tb 860 or 870 evo Edit: forgot to write the rest of the comment I've tried tons of settings. Re-installed drivers and windows, which the 2 pc places did too, and nothing... my DCOP or DOCP mode is on (asus XMP or amd XMP if im not mistaken) I got 2 sticks of ram and gpu never goes above 60 degrees celcius... (never seen 60, only 57 but 60 is the "worst case scenario" degrees) BUT my psu gets very hot, im not sure if hotter than the gpu, and smells funny. Has a very heated eletric smell...
  11. Won't it? I'm definetly no expert but i imagine if the psu is shiddy it could deliver an inconsistent flow of eletricity and therefore causing the images to stutter on screen. Kind of like a car running out on fuel or if there's a hole in the chamber that delivers the fuel to the engine... i know fuel /=/ eletricity but... yea. Me brains me pains.
  12. Guys, i came to confirm my PSU is electrified trash: KOLINK KL-C700 I have stutters playing games and everything else seems fine. Went to 2 pc places which they tested my pc, allegedly, and nothing is wrong. "Not even the PSU could cause the issue you say you have" was told to me more than i can count after i ask more-than-i-can-count times. In case someone gets curious, the rest of the system: RTX 2070 itx Ryzen 5 3600 Rog Strix B450-I Trident Z 3600mhz CL16 360hz Monitor - Rog Strix Swift Btw: my mic gets interfe