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  1. So maybe a less popular suggestion from a non-audiophile: My personal preference would be the Bose QC35II. I have been using this headphone for the last 3 years and it is still my favourite. the Good: - I personally like the ANC, its not the best out there but its really great; - Works well with win10, mac, samsung/ android phones - wireless - incredibly comfy, from occasional use i now wear these 8-10 hours a day without much trouble -good battery life - great call functions (which was not a requirement for me, but i like the added bonus) -
  2. Hi all, Currently looking to implement my first NAS into the home. It will mainly be used to back-up photos from several users 2 in home (2 outside the home), documents and some movies. I've been looking around and currently my top choice would be the Synology DS220+ with 2 IronWolf 4tb drives. The ideal set-up would be the drives in a Raid 1 configuration (as i understood this would protect against drive failure) Users want to back-up/transfer photos whilst being on the network as well as from a separate location (online access) Additionally, user