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  1. uninstall and re install csgo this might fix it
  2. this is a suggestion Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB High Airflow Tempered Glass ATX Smart Gaming Case - Black: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories it has good airflow and sound and looks nice
  3. go for a much more powerful gpu. Dual gpu is dead, i suggest a 3070 or a rysen equivalent the cpu is good but i would get a 650w psu if you do upgrade the gpu.
  4. can you give me some photos of the pcs internals and a specs sheet?
  5. have you disabled the audio enhancements?
  6. also turn of ALL audio enchantments on your speakers and headsets as on my razer headset if it on it means my audio breaks
  7. is your amp using usb or or pcie express?
  8. try to swap the graphics card to Nvidia as they have a much better encoder for streaming other that the specs are good for streaming
  9. Can you get onto the BIOS?, if so try a reset.
  10. @DoctorNick specs are aurous 2070 super i7 10700k 32gb corsair vengeance rgb pro corsair psu 750w (full modular) mother bored gigabyte gaming x z490 2tb m.2 serbrent (SB-ROCKET-2TB) if you need more specs please say so
  11. so my pc wont turn on but still gets power as the lights on the ethernet is on. The fan don't spin and nothing is working tried moving the plug(as the plug could be dead) and i have tried flash the bios by pressing the flash button on the motherboard, but nothing. i did do a windows update and after that i shut my pc down and now it doesn't turn on, please help. thanks in advance, Shark