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  1. Summary Apple's New Privacy Relay is Not a VPN rather it's as far as I understand a Proxy with No Overcoming of Geo Blocks and only encrypts the DNS traffic. Quotes My thoughts I really hoped that this might be a VPN but no this isn't. It also isn't available in some region. I would also like to know if it is really effective at all. Sources No, Apple's Private Relay is not a VPN - CNET
  2. Has anyone overclclocked the raspberry pi 4 without cooling ?
  3. i like black simply because i like dark mode and white bezels are a pain in the eye with darkmode on.
  4. thanks i was too lazy to compare pricing
  5. core i3 that thermal throttles for a 1000 dollars ?
  6. Would you prefer White Bezels or Black Bezels ?
  7. Ok. I am hoping I am not saying that it will.
  8. True but before M1 Apple was a Joke to Computer enthusiasts because of their insane price for at best normal hardware. Apple was a Luxury brand. And so was beats.
  9. I think that Apple should make Beats a famous brand once again.
  10. Summary A few leaks and a Instagram photo from LeBron James may have proved the existence of Beats Studio Buds. Quotes My thoughts I really hope that Apple will stop slowly killing Beats after this Beats Wireless Earbuds. Sources LeBron James may have just proved the unannounced Beats Studio Buds are real - The Verge