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  1. Unfortunately, this does not work as well. Could this have something to do with my hard drive? I tried turning off Legacy boot since i noticed that the Bios shows my SSD twice. One where it shows the name and another one with the name and (windows boot Manager) beside it.
  2. Unfortunately, disabling the fast boot did not work at all. Any Other suggestions?
  3. Okay I'm going to try that. If this was a MB issue, I'm sure there will be bigger issues right?
  4. > Basically, I can click restart from the windows machine, and then the screen turns off as usual, but then the machine will not turn back on to power up windows.
  5. Hello Everyone, In my new PC build I encountered an very weird problem where the Windows Operating System cannot restart the system on its own without requiring me to physically power the machine back on. Since the task cannot be automated by the OS, I am forced to press the front IO reset button or the power button to get the machine to boot up. I am currently using the GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Elite Wifi To troubleshoot I began by: >Updating the BIOS to the most up-to-date drivers >Checking all of the front IO buttons of my Fractal Case to ensure that they