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  1. Ok. Thank you so much for your responce. Then I'll go with ryzen 3700x.
  2. Thank you for your response. I have one more question. Have you ever use Linux, ubuntu. Does ryzen makes problem while working on linux and Intel MKL?
  3. Hi, I didn't buy any piece of computer so it's new. I'll buy new motherboard. I'm confused because I've heard something that say sometimes AMD processors make problem while running some programs such as Android Studio or Numpy. Just like I said, AMD is better for my budget but if Intel is absolutely necessary I'll try to buy Intel.
  4. Hi, I'm going to build a PC for deep learning and computer vision stuff. I'm really confused about which processor should I get. I've read to many articles about it but couldn't decide. I will choose 10600k or 3700x. Actually 3700x is better for my budget. My GPU will be RTX 3060. I also use Android Studio etc. Which processor would you recommend? Does AMD make problem when running Python or C codes. If there anyone who has experience I'll appreciate if give advice. Thank you.