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  1. some ssd controller is not recommended ?
  2. Non, donc je monte mon pc et puis je l'allume et c'est bon ?
  3. ok ok but then how do i do this? because I have a 5600x and i have to do a bios update to use my pc
  4. I haven't done my BIOS update yet (it's a question) (so if I understood correctly my motherboard will automatically turn off at the end of my bios update?)
  5. Salut, je suis désolé pour mon anglais ... c'est une question (mise à jour du bios) (ma question est de savoir si je dois éteindre l'alimentation à la fin de ma mise à jour du bios) (éteindre l 'alimentation) = éteindre le carte mère for l'installation de Windows (Explorateur) = Windows
  6. Hi So I have a question, I currently have a ryzen 5600x and I would like to know, if at the end of my maj (BIOS) the motherboard will shut down by itself or should I turn off my power supply? (and if so is it dangerous?) To then install my explorer.
  7. Hi After the flash of a bios (USB) for ryzen 5000 The motherboard shuts down automatically? (Asus b550 e gaming)
  8. And one last thing to locate a power supply (multi-rails) it is necessary that the power supply has + a 12v output ??
  9. thank you. is there a significant difference between single-rail and multi-rail in 2021? Thank you for your answers.
  10. Hello, the seasonic prime px 850 is multi-rail? Thank you for your answers.