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  1. Dang!, My only other guess would be something over heating? Not sure on that though I hope you get solved soon man!
  2. When I had my older build, I had something similar happen. I restored it to an earlier version of windows and ran an AV scan just to be safe and it never had an issue like that again. Not sure if that may help at all but hopefully its worth a shot!
  3. Budget (including currency): ~1100 USD Country: US Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Doom, Overwatch, WoW, CoD, etc Other details https://pcpartpicker.com/list/jj24W3 PC list above is what I currently have picked out, I have everything else for it just could use some guidance on what I could get more budget off on. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated!
  4. Hi everyone, not sure what spot on the forum this question could go in so tossing it here. I currently have a desktop PC that I'm trying to get an accurate value for not including all the bs inflation going on right now regarding gpu's and other pieces (ex: 2080ti being ~3400 on amazon) Currently have: i9-9900k ASUS ROG gaming wifi mobo 64gig's (16g sticks) corsair vengeance rgb pro ASUS Thor 1200w psu h150i AIO all the fans are corsair LL120 RGB fans ( 7 in total) all packed inside the ASUS Strix helios case Apologies if this is