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  1. I thought so. I've also read that this should not happen even if the plug is not grounded. I think something/somewhere within my PC is causing this. I just hope that it won't damage my PC long term. I don't see any problems right now unlike others who posted that had some issues on their screen and audio. Thank you for the reply!
  2. Hi, please give me some advice on how will I ground my PC. Our whole building does not have grounded outlets (so does most of the buildings here in PH) so I use an adapter for my plug (from 3 prong to 2). My PC electrocutes me a lot so I looked up some solution and ended up using a wire connected to my PC case and a ground rod. It eliminated the shocks I get from touching my PC. I am not sure though if this is the best solution available to me because I've read that ungrounded PCs can damage the components as well. I'm curious if it is better to ground the 3rd prong on the plug or would it be