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  1. Nothing happens in both cases. No clicking sound , nothing even starting to run
  2. Yes, I have tried it , the PSU is completely dead
  3. The PSU i'm using now is some noname 550W I used for my 1050ti . The that died was Corsair CX Series CX650M 650W Bronze. It died just randomly , I was watching youtube when my PC just turned off and refused to turn back on. It wasn't from overheat for sure because I check this all the times
  4. Yesterday my PSU gave up on me and died . I tried to boot up my pc with the old PSU that wouldn't work on my 2070 because it doesn't have the PCI-E cables. The PC runs, but when the monitor starts it says something like "Please power down and connect the PCIe Power cables for this graphics card" . Now i'm using the PC with an old GPU and everything runs fine. The only thing I don't know is if the 2070 is dead